Gud, lukt och henne

Gud, lukt och henne

A stream of consciousness, a journey, a wonder of human beings, life and the world, of the corporeal and what can not be seen, but there is. A woman traveling around the world. We follow ...

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Ton Q (ru) wrote: The general story of Flipped is decent, and actually refreshing, considering most romance films are heavily biased towards either a male or (usually) female perspective. However, it feels like there's a bit too much fluff and more than enough stereotypical phrases to make this film memorable, as admirable as an idea it may be.

Ruth L (ag) wrote: I found this movie eerie and fascinating, like Christian Slater's amazing "Sex, Lies and Videotape" before it -- only from the female point of view.

Jon W (gb) wrote: Wow. An amazing film - engaging and thought-provoking, with characters with genuine depth. The best thing about the movie was that it worked on so many levels. Soderbergh's style of mixing film and DV drew a sharp distinction between Hollywood fantasy and reality, but then he turned that distinction on its head by introducing another layer of "movie" on top of that. It seemed like an inside joke at Hollywood lifestyles at the same time as it offered commentary on the complexity of personal relationships in a world as media-influenced as ours is. Characters overlapped and took on multiple personas in a way that comes off as confusing until you realize that was the point to begin with - by stripping away our ability to nail down anyone's character, Soderbergh forces us to focus on the relationships between them, in a way that captures reality all too well. It's entirely possible that I'm projecting too much into the film, but I thought it was just brilliant.

TTT C (fr) wrote: (**): Thumbs Down This one was okay. I laughed a bit, but I expected it to be funnier than what it was. Fair at best.

Jason P (ca) wrote: the brother was awesome lol

Andy T (ru) wrote: "Election" is a funny film from director Alexander Payne, which has a great story using a lot of dark comedy. Reese Witherspoon proves to be a capable actress and pulls off a great performance. Her portrayal of Tracy Flick made me legitimately hate her as the film progressed. Overall it was good movie.

Brett A (es) wrote: I expected more from this....