Gudu Gudu Gunjam

Gudu Gudu Gunjam


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Gudu Gudu Gunjam torrent reviews

Rini N (kr) wrote: Great topic, great actors, compelling story

Joshua Y (ru) wrote: Jennifer Lawrence is a great at playing a crazy bitch haha! Everyone was great though, good movie all around

bill s (it) wrote: Mamet and Kilmer really do elevate this underrated thriller.

Emily H (nl) wrote: It's not my favorite Disney movie but it's still really good. It caught my heart and tore it into pieces. Brother Bear is one of the only few movies that makes me cry. All in all it's a fantastic movie with fantastic acting and music.

Ryan M (jp) wrote: What a surprise! An early film of Evan Rachel Wood's where she keeps others secrets to avoid sharing her own. Very nice movie.

Lee R (mx) wrote: The first film I ever worked on ... the poster will always be on my wall.

Christian C (ca) wrote: Soundtrack tries to land it next to Dazed and Confused unsuccessfully, but still a pretty good movie.

Corey B (ag) wrote: I've always felt like this movie just never clicks. There's the wacky slapstick comedy side with the uncles, and the horribly depressing "mom's dying" story. It moves between big broad laughs (like Looney Tunes style comic set pieces), and then extremely sad moments, but finds a hard time showing life in between. What's left is a movie of extremes that left me feeling a little whiplashed.

Blake E (kr) wrote: As a stead-fast Billy Crystal fan I had high hopes for this one but didn't feel the characters really come to life. The story was interesting at times, and the ambition was there - but didn't quite come through for me.

Kaiulani D (es) wrote: Often overlooked late Kurosawa classic. Deliberate and beautifully shot but perhaps a bit overlong. The scope of the final battle is something to behold.

Marcus T (kr) wrote: It left me wanting more.

jarrad b (fr) wrote: Wasn't very suspenseful or scary.