GUERRA is a non-linear story and doesn’t have real or proper characters. On the bare space of a stage or in the crowded streets of the Old City of Jerusalem everyone fights – through physical actions, the gestures of the actors and people, through words and music – an ‘inner war that is also the war of the world’. From the travel diaries, the emotions and the glances, the film brings together stories that cross over borders, stories ‘atrocious and happy, simple and full of poetry’, underlying the importance of the theatre and art.

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Diggity H (us) wrote: One of the better recent movies I've seen. Strong acting, tense moments through out. Kept me on the edge of my seat.

Heather M (ca) wrote: This one is tough to watch. The recently returned mother doesn't suffer from wounds or PTSD, but she has a hard time fitting back into her life with her son and ex-husband. While she ends up deployed again by the end of the movie there is a happy future with her son on the horizon.

Dave S (mx) wrote: A pesar de su falta de originalidad y pesadez en la narracin, "Apollo 18", en algunos momentos, entretiene.

Felicity H (au) wrote: Dynamic, witty, fresh, loved it.

Larissa W (us) wrote: amazing! love them all

Alexis L (de) wrote: don't understand what they are saying !

Sean D (mx) wrote: If this movie got any more entertaining I would die after watching it... lesbian nuns and a funky script, sacriligiously fun times! Seriously, this is a family movie if I ever saw one. :p

Stephen B (br) wrote: I loved Dennis Cooper's book, I LOVE Parker Posey, Alexis Arquette and Craig Chester are cool too... but this movie didn't work. It's controversial just to try to adapt the story: you face criticism from GLAAD, you have to make a choice if you are going to show the grotesque violence, and you have the child actor issues if you want to really stay true to the story. Sure, the main elements are pretty much there, but I think the story was changed too much and just didn't have the impact of the book. It's not the worst movie I've ever seen by any means, but it's disappointing if you've read the book and it probably has even less impact for people who haven't read the book.

Kevin M (it) wrote: No issue with suspending disbelief with this original, wacky, romantic comedy. Both Bill Murray's and Andie MacDowell's best work IMHO.

Richard C (fr) wrote: hell yeah stinky breath motherfuckers this shit right here is also the tittle of my forthcomming blackpearl music group album the movie was the shisnik lame azz cockaroches only a fag in drag would have missed a blockbuster of a movie

Andy F (ru) wrote: Just about tolerable movie supposedly telling the story of the Mary Celeste. Bela Lugosi is by miles the best thing about this film, which aside from the odd bit of seafaring atmosphere is pretty dull and tedious.

Deepak M (it) wrote: A nice story centered around the bond between two siblings.

Stephen S (us) wrote: Decent continuation of the Aladdin series, but honestly drags at certain points. The story isn't nearly as strong as the first film. Iago is a decent character, and pretty funny, but he just gets annoying after awhile because the film centers on him.

Jason W (de) wrote: Can I have my 88 minutes back?