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Guerreras verdes

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Tree Hugger M (br) wrote: 8/10. a cracking new hustling film. lived the true story.

Alf N (ru) wrote: Mas cine mexicano. Del 2009 pero que apenas este ao lleg a salas! :)Muy recomendable!

Hilrie K (fr) wrote: I highly recommend this movie if you enjoy imaginative, moving and thought provoking drama.

Grey G (gb) wrote: Shit. But sufficiently shit to fit snugly in the 'so shit it's funny' category.

Luke B (ca) wrote: Wonderful Town is set in a Thai village that was devastated by the 2004 Tsunami. A young architect is sent to oversee the rebuilding effort that has started in the village. He soon falls in love with a local girl. The film is slow and thoughtful. It builds upon the romance whilst looking at it from a distance. Both parties are very cautious about getting close to each other. The locals soon disapprove of the relationship, it upsets the balance and releases pent up anger from the community that perhaps feels abandoned. The ending is shocking and even sickening. It comes suddenly, as such an act would. Wonderful Town is a bit to thoughtful for it's own good. There's a great story and some fascinating themes here, but first it makes us sit through a generic love story, one that takes up too much screen time.

Ryan B (kr) wrote: This one was a little different from what I usually watch, I mean the whole it's based on such a long time ago but it did surprise me. The plot is a little hard to understand at times. The main idea in it was just fighting for your side of government and it certainly succeeds at keeping your attention. There's plenty of blood and sword fights which I couldn't complain about throughout the film. The acting was very good and it was never dull. Overall I could watch it again so....recommended

Michelle D (ca) wrote: This movie was awful.I knew it was gonna be 'bad' when I got it but I thought maybe it would be bad in that funny low budget kind of way.NOOOOOOO!Awful,terrible,horrible in every way.Bad acting,bad directing,bad evrything you can imagine.I watched less than half of it before I couldn't take anymore.I do NOT recommend.

Ed C (us) wrote: One line summary: Criminals are undone by clever locals, ghosts, and Murphy's law.------------------------------------------- Our protagonist, Seok-tae, is a thief who murders his friend then flees. He seems amused as his friend suffocates during their last telephone conversation. Nice start. When he sees the sign 'Sisily 2km' there is another sign warning of serious accidents in the area. As per cliche, he decides to put out his cigarette, thereby taking his eyes off the road, then rolls his SUV off the road through the guard rail. Apparently he's a man of robust good luck, since he was able to walk the 2 kilometers to the town of Sisily. The setup is clearly that Seok-tae has a hard time during the film, and he's moving there swimmingly. His friend told him that their mutual boss will kill him in three days. One can only hope. Seok-tae faints under embarrassing and humorous circumstances. The locals think he's dead, and also find one of the diamonds he stole. While walling him up, he rouses and won't shut up. They give him an extra shovel to the head. They have no idea that he swallowed many of the diamonds. The gang arrives and sets about provoking and bullying the locals. The idiot relative to an even bigger crime boss is with them. He keeps finding just the right things, and they keep ignoring him. During the first night staying with the locals, the thugs start getting rattled from bad dreams and waking hallucinations, plus the locals doing Buddhist chants to drive out bad spirits. That trend continues the next day, though a bit more slowly in the light of day. The assassin named The Monk keeps talking about local ghost lore, including the Virgin Ghost. The Monk tells them that the Virgin Ghost type is afraid of 'man things' which results in ridiculous and funny visuals. The thread that allows Seok-tae to 'survive' is hilarious. When the crooks recover the diamonds, the locals find out there were several. After that, they attack the crooks and do rather well, but not well enough, of course. There are several places where the movie might have ended, but the comedy was not exhausted yet. Will the ghost resolve this, or just the normal course of real events? Loved the Virgin Ghost's explanation of who the local farmers really were, and the lead gangster's discussions with her.-------Scores-------- Cinematography: 8/10 Super in daylight exteriors. Not too bad for the darker interior and night shots. Sound: 10/10 Rich and kind to the ear. Acting: 8/10 Hate the character Seok-tae, since he listens to Chuck Mangione. (That's just me, of course.) On the whole though, I liked the acting. Screenplay: 9/10 Pleasant comedy of errors; nicely directed.

James B (us) wrote: meg ryan naked on the bed, and nobody noticess?!!

Schmoog L (fr) wrote: When I was about 12 or 13, I'd overheard some nerds in my local comic book store ripping on some movie where a highly advanced killing machine couldn't even find some chick who was hiding in an (open) fridge. All these years, I'd wondered which movie they were talking about, 'cause I'd never managed to sit through all of "Hardware" until recently.

Issy C (ca) wrote: it's violent, and thats harmful to childrens delevoping minds. How ridiculus! Babar is one of my favorite childrens films, ive never watched the tv series or the sequel but the vcr of Barar the movie is getting preety worn down at home. I watched it avidly as a child and, so far, i have shown no signs of insanity or violent tendancies. The film is sweet,albeit, slighty cheesey at points, (though who doesnt love a bit of cheese sometimes) and the film is funny, and has some of the best songs in it. (particularly send it to commitee for review) so, really, all im trying to say is dont listen to all that over P.C. nonsense surrounding this film just give barbar a chance.

Stephen B (us) wrote: Man this movie sucks

Samantha S (it) wrote: Interesting movie - the foundation for the Cambridge Spy Ring. Rupert Everett is young, fresh, handsome and thoroughly gay. Colin Firth was gorgeous and fiery, passionate Communist. For different reasons, they came to the same conclusion: England needs a revolution.

David P (it) wrote: Just as great as the first film. Action is great and the plot is exciting. Samuel L. Jackson's Zeus character is a great addition to the series. They really should bring him back in a future sequel. Great film!

Yasemin Y (au) wrote: A very sad and true story ...