Guest in the House

Guest in the House

Evelyn (Anne Baxter), an emotionally vulnerable and unstable woman, stays at the home of her doctor Dan Proctor (Scott McKay). There she meets and falls in love with his brother, Douglas (Ralph Bellamy), who is happily married to Ann (Ruth Warrick). Evelyn then sets forth to break up the happy marriage and win the love of Douglas -- with tragic results.

A young manipulative woman moves in with her fiances family and turns a happy household against itself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Honie J (gb) wrote: It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good

Dyron W (us) wrote: Hitchcock is an interesting biopic/retrospective but its by no means memorable. Hopkins and Mirren however carry this film with their winning chemistry.

Lee W (br) wrote: I really tried to get into this but it just did nothing for me...

Chem K (au) wrote: Weird. And boring. And weird again.

Kevin E (de) wrote: eerie and atmospheric, but the message is very unclear. The direction is top-notch however.

Roberto A (de) wrote: Another superb New Hollywood film, starring Robert Blake ("Baretta") as a straight-arrow Arizona State Trooper and above-average intelligent redneck dreaming of becoming a homicide detective. John Wintergreen is honest to a fault. His ambitions are shaped by Hollywood's glamorous and archetypal depictions of the gentleman detective, complete with Stetson hat, bolo, and cowboy boots. He eventually gets to don this uniform, assisting a real detective, but the reality of the job shatters his preconceptions. There are several intense set pieces in this film: a wild motorcycle chase, several harrowing "let's mess with the hippies" scenes, and an unforgettable monologue from the detective's girlfriend (who is also sleeping with Wintergreen) that deconstructs our whole obsession with film and how it affects the way we see ourselves. Blake is supported by a fantastic cast, everyone jostling to steal and chew up scenes. The whole Monument Valley vistas are cliche, but the point is easily recognized. There is no more Wild West, and there never will be. The resolution of the murder case Wintergreen gets involved in is way too pat and contrived, though the case's final solution is a classic film noir revelation that reminded me of "Chinatown". A darker, nihilistic mirror of the goofy series "CHiPs", "Electra Glide in Blue" is a movie about the pitfalls of letting movies shape your dreams. But I guess it's too late for that warning, eh?

Trinity (it) wrote: Aniston does a great job.

Michael D (ca) wrote: A good airplane watch.