Gui ma tian shi

Gui ma tian shi


A Taoist priest is ordered to find a Cherry Boy to appease his temple's ancestors. The boy in question is a young man who lives with his grandmother, trying to protect a sacred writ from a bright red, snarling bad guy. And let's just say insanity follows! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack L (it) wrote: For some reason this film just hit me really hard. I don't always like vince Vaughn films but I thought he did a good job here.

Phil H (nl) wrote: A film that doesn't take itself seriously in any way which does save it from being just cheap D grade horror nonsense, infact the silly humour, over the top gore and cheapness works in its favour and creates a kind of small budget, homemade 'Evil Dead: Army of Darkness' feel :)Tongue firmly in cheek the cast are daft and reasonably watchable whilst they battle endless men in cheap costumes with some quite good makeup, the film turns into a last stand type scenario and gets quite cool in a tacky way, its very basic and very crappy really but somehow its enjoyable. Nice DVD cover too.

Alastair K (de) wrote: If it makes me cry, it will rate high.

Lee M (br) wrote: Pitch perfect and well performed is this film about the visible and less visible scars an Iraq vet attempts to live with, after his normal life is transformed into a portable battlefield of pain and regret.But what was up with the ballerinas?

Matt C (ru) wrote: What a hilariously terrible movie! It's insanely bad, but it makes for a great ironic viewing.

Kimmo J (ag) wrote: Onnistunut dokumenttielokuva Tupacin tarinasta, vaikken rap/hip-hopista paljoa perusta. Yllttvn hyvntuulinen ote pit mukanaan lhes kaksi tuntia. Hmrsti taitaa olla kokonaan kuolleen artistin itsens kertomana, toisaalta hn taisi tiet mit on tulossa, kun omasi niin suuren suun, sli.

Darrell M (kr) wrote: looks good and i would love to see it

Ginger M (ag) wrote: I love this movie,sad but good..

Bob S (de) wrote: A must see movie for anyone involved with Scouting (BSA) in any way! One of Fred McMurray's best!!! Two thumbs way, way, way up!!!

Dan M (ru) wrote: Good Korean War movie, based on real events. Really well done.

Lucy W (br) wrote: Fabulous! Well ofcource...It's got Mae West in it!

Matthew H (it) wrote: Okay superhero movie, at best. The score and dialogue are pretty unintelligent, but the added imparity of blindness to the protagonist adds for at least a little something extra.

Stanley C (es) wrote: There was no effort into making this a very interesting piece of art. This is just about aliens (antagonists) attacking humans on Earth, no complications on it whatsoever.

Tasos L (mx) wrote: I hardly believe that this, is a Polanski film. Totally boring no comparing to other Polanski's films. It is watchable only for some reasons.