A detective probes the brutal murder of a woman in a red light district while a housewife hides her double life as a prostitute from her husband.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:102 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prison,   blackmail,   police,  

Investigates the corrupt judicial system under which Alain Mar'caux and his wife Edith were arrested on accusations of pedophilia horrific acts they never committed- and the years he spent fighting to get out of prison, clear his name and keep his family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aylex C (it) wrote: My favorite movie ever!!

Mark K (nl) wrote: it hit my funny bone.

Laura C (ca) wrote: This movie is cheese-mo awesomeness and for that I give 4 stars, lol. Got to love the B movies.

S B (kr) wrote: Solid documentary with interviews, video clips, and pictures. Covers the history and discusses the growth and development of b-boying in the east & west coasts and also touches on its international presence. Well put together with a nice flow, concise history, and interesting themed sections.

Elise P (jp) wrote: This intense moralistic drama is character driven, with great performances. The film has a claustrophobic feel due in part to the documentary style filming & being shot in real time. Absolutely brilliant! Great building of tension and beautifully ambiguous!

Hatem A (br) wrote: 3.0/4.0"Metropolitan" is an original look at a group of upper class NYC youngsters (referred to "urban haute bourgeoisie" by one of the characters) during Christmas break at the time of the debutante ball season. A relative outsider, mid-class student Tom Townsend (Edward Clements), becomes part of this group of friends although he claims to not approve all they do. He shakes up the group and the heart of Audrey (Carolyn Farina) despite his admiration for another girl. This conversation heavy film provides some interesting insights into this unique upper crust of society as these teens try to speak serious topics while accidentally succumbing to the fact that they are still young at the end of the day and care most about gossip and who slept with whom. This isn't a very entertaining or easy movie to sit through but there is much to admire in retrospect. Writer-director Whit Stillman received an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay for his feature debut.

Greg S (de) wrote: best theme music ever. (and used on I'm sorry i haven't a clue)

Mel T (jp) wrote: I'm not exactly sure what rating this film deserves, but I don't think it is as poor as it makes out. Obviously it portrays the spread of an Ebola type virus very unrealistically and may not have a very positive effect on those who view the film in terms of their beliefs about such viruses. The ridiculousness of the film does perhaps hinder the enjoyment factor, however the film was very tense throughout and there were several twists in the plot, which increased the enjoyability of the film. The all star cast also makes the film very appealing and Hoffman and Freeman are as good as ever.

Paul O (nl) wrote: Dreamy stylistic teen indie fare that captures the frustrations and aimlessness of adolescence without grating on the nerves.