Guilty as Sin

Guilty as Sin

Before a criminal lawyer knows what has happened, she is forced to defend a wife killer she knows is guilty.

A female lawyer takes an accused wife-murderer as a client, but finds herself morally compelled to betray him one way or another. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin P (ag) wrote: A very rushed Justice League origin piece that has very impressive moments here and there; yet can't help but feel squashed by a last-minute threat and nulling set-ups. Essentially, it's an animated version of The Avengers, with DC characters, and wasted opportunity for its villain. However, thanks to a select few good characters and stylistic animation, this one becomes more of an "okay" versus "bad" or "good".

Matthew d (us) wrote: Was this meant to be scary???

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Rafael L (it) wrote: An enjoyable false documentary with great acting.

Art L (fr) wrote: I'm not a surfing movie fan but this one was ok

Evan D (au) wrote: not as well paced as its predecessor, Assassins Ball still delivers on high octane action, but the monotony of its characters, as well as the convoluted twist, bogs down the film.

Adam R (mx) wrote: This really wasn't as exciting to watch after watching the third film. I was really hoping for a better performance out of Michael Jai White. I was also hoping for better action sequences between Michael Jai White and Scott Adkins. It was hard to separate the "Iceman" character (Michael Jai White) from the first movie and the "Iceman" character in this movie, only the first name changed (and actors of course). In the first movie "Iceman" was a real jerk, but in this one "Iceman" started out as a jerk and became the hero. Of course that left Boyka (Scott Adkins) being the bad guy. I didn't much like the fact that Boyka was seen praying continuously, but outwardly was the jerk of the story. That seemed very conflicting to me. Maybe Boyka was humbled in this movie and became a better person in the third film. Overall a bit of a disappointment but still a good rental.

Allie F (jp) wrote: Great feel-good, cute movie.

nimo l (es) wrote: i like this movie because it is love story & s. k. is in there

Linda G (ca) wrote: I am getting ready to read Terry McMillian's new book - Getting Happy. It has been years since Waiting to Exhale...hope I can remember the details...

Anthony C (es) wrote: I think that it was really funny. Adam Sandler, Brendan Fraser and Steve buscemi were so funny and it brings out the rocker out of u

Jason M (us) wrote: Gene Wilder's greatest achievement (along with Willy Wonka). I suspect that he spent the rest of his career chasing this level of success. The movie plot is executed flawlessly and has a steady flow of laughs from beginning to end. However, it's Peter Boyle who steals the show here. The film has several classic lines and gags. This spoof on the original Frankenstein was the model for following films such as Airplane!, Scary Movie, etc. Arguable Mel Brooks' finest works.

Kevin R (fr) wrote: Tomorrow is forever.John and Elizabeth are in love but John leaves for war. Elizabeth receives word John has died and remarries a man named Larry and they have a child. One day John returns home disfigured and sees his son, Drew. He must decide whether he wants to reveal his true identity or just help the family indirectly and watch over them from afar."You call this being alive?"Irving Pinchel, director of She, Martin Luther, Destination Moon, The Most Dangerous Game, The Bride Wore Boots, and Temptation, delivers Tomorrow is Forever. The storyline for this picture is very good and has a wonderful classic feel to it. The acting is first rate and the cast includes Orson Wells, Natalie Wood, Claudette Colbert, and Richard Long."He said I'll come back. I promise I'll come back.""They all say that."I came across this on Fios and decided to DVR it off Turner Classic Movies (TCM). This was a great film and definitely worth a viewing. I thoroughly enjoyed this masterpiece from beginning to end and strongly recommend viewing. "You torture yourself."Grade: A

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