Guilty Bystander

Guilty Bystander

An drunken ex-cop gets a shot at redemption when his young son is kidnapped after a smuggling deal goes belly up.

An alcoholic ex-cop, now the house detective at a scuzzy hotel in an even scuzzier part of town, stumbles through New York City's sleazy underworld searching for his kidnapped son. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy P (kr) wrote: Very interesting assessment of the state of the Internet economy and personal privacy. Should be required watching for all Internet users!

Candy M (it) wrote: FMA is one of the saddess and best shows i've watched.You cant help caring for the brothersand they're friends.

DeSean S (jp) wrote: These movie is pretty good!!

Ryan C (mx) wrote: never liked shows crossing over

Julie M (ag) wrote: This movie was found by me channel surfing years ago....saw Patricia listed in the cast so I watched it....cute movie.

FilmGrinder S (jp) wrote: "Homemade mace, at close range it should slow him down." -Linda (Terri Treas) The rubber monster suits aren't half bad considering it's a Roger Corman production. There's only two noteable scenes (for the gore hounds of course) in this shameless ripoff of ALIEN. 1. The bloody birth scene, and two, the black dudes death scene, it anit great, but its all you get. Production value is decent, I give the movie a 69%. Pit bulls rule the doggy kingdom.

Matty S (fr) wrote: It seems to me that the problem with this movie is that it was made about 12 years too late. If what we see had been shot in 1973 to 1977 it might feel sort of "edgy" --- but, it feels almost tragically out-dated for the 1980's. That being said, this is an interesting film. Streisand delivers a solid turn in the tradition of a movie star. This is foul-mouthed melodrama. There are moments of unintended camp - such as every male in an upscale Manhattan bar turning his head to check Babs out. ...This would never happen. But, that scene aside she is believable in the role. If you are at all familiar with top escorts -- they are not all traditional raving beauties. Oddly, had another actor been cast in her role it might have made this movie an easier sell. Dreyfuss is quite effective. And, for all the predictability, this movie does offer up a solid reflection of the implications of sexual child abuse and survival. Also worth nothing that Martin Ritt did not offer up the expected 1980's easy resolution. The question of sanity is never answered. Worth a look.

Jason R (ca) wrote: Glad this was free on Crackle, as it was a supreme waste of time. Annoying and stupid villians, James Spader does do well as a complete douchebag, especially with his sweet 80's hair, and his eventual killing is satisfying, but this movie drags on so badly and is just so mindless, that even that can't save it. Another major complaint, this is marketed as a horror movie but really is not. The majority of violence is bad fist fights, and the pitbull being stereotyped as a mindless killer offended me and was pointless in the end. 1.5 hours seems like 4 watching this dreck.

Keenan S (kr) wrote: I consider Ralph Bakshi to be the Walt Disney of adult animation, and if this is true, then American Pop is his Fantasia. While the film has problems with it's script which leads to uneven storytelling, I still found myself captivated by the saga of four generations of a Russian Jewish immigrant family trying to make it in the music industry and all their struggles along the way and the ever-changing climate of music. The characters are engaging and sympathetic, the music was great (It better damn well be great), the animation while strange was terrific, and it serves as a great guide on music from the early 1900's up to the 80's. American Pop is very underrated and deserves a hell of a lot more attention than it received.

Bjorn O (es) wrote: Det hr r mer grta n skratta, klipp frn ngon tv serie med Bruce Lee frn 60 talet blandas med inklipp frn phittad match i slutet av 70, Exploativt r bara frnamnet men p ett trist och svande stt.

Brett B (mx) wrote: Alan Arkin gives it his all, and the highest compliment I can pay him is to say that even if Peter Sellers was playing the title role, this would still be a thoroughly mediocre effort. The script is a mess, indulging in numerous strange digressions that aren't as funny as they could be, and the final product just feels weird.

Dane P (ag) wrote: A strange movie, really well made. With stylized camerawork and set design. This is a movie that's complete surrealism with a layer of social commentary. Oh and don't do drugs

Ashley H (de) wrote: Small Soldiers is a boring film. It is about missile technology that is used to enhance toy action figures. Kirsten Dunst and Gregory Smith give horrible performances. The script is badly written. Joe Dante did a terrible job directing this movie. I was not impressed with this motion picture.