Gulaab Gang

Gulaab Gang

A fearless woman fights social injustice; creating a sanctuary for abused women and battling a crooked politician.

A fearless woman fights social injustice; creating a sanctuary for abused women and battling a crooked politician. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marina Y (jp) wrote: Brilliant and beautiful. This first film is bittersweet for those who know what the future holds for the Band of the Hawk. My only complaint is that a few heartfelt moments with characters like Judeau and Pippin were left out.

Sean G (br) wrote: Horns has some excellent scenes created by the powers that Daniel Radcliffe's characters gains from growing horns but the plot is thin and fairly predictable. Radcliffe continues to be very convincing and charismatic post Harry Potter. His choices of films is also very brave and while this film is not particularly well made its main premise is off the wall and very original.

Lilianetty l (ag) wrote: Remember watching it...was ok.

Cecily B (es) wrote: I actually kinda liked this movie, i love movies that give me the heebie geebies and this movie makes me want to check all the corners of my house to make sure im not being filmed, i think as a woman this is more creepy than anything cause its really quite plausable to be stocked, as the beginning of the movie stated..every three seconds someone is being stalked. I dont know the filming kinda felt like paranormal activity but i liked, see it if you like the more realistick stalker thrill..

Marius A (kr) wrote: Svensk humor p sitt beste. Jeg digger konseptet og historiens forlp. Fr ikke slik humor i norge. Enda en ting svensker kan bedre.

Mithun G (us) wrote: I wanna smoke what was being smoked when they were making this film.

maine g (br) wrote: ok let's get to the story first before me getting a little carried away with how much Adrien Brody looks so damn hot here. alright, an interesting story of love that involves a petty thief and an innocent medicine student. Claire (Ayanna) fell in love with Jack (Brody) and risk her whole life to struggle inside his extremely dangerous world. so much passion in the eyes of the two lead characters. oh I can't help it, he's so brodylicious!

Tamara B (de) wrote: I looove this movie. You have to get over the fact that these were fledgling actors, at the time. Many have gone on now to be great. What is AWESOME about this movie is the story. I have watched every vampire movie under the sun (pun intended.) This is by far one of the best versions of who Dracula is, how he came to be and how to kill him I've ever seen. On top of that you have Van Helsing prolonging his life through leaching Dracula's blood, in order to find the way. Love it, own the movie, have watched it over and over. :)

bill s (us) wrote: A walk down memory lane.....terror style.

Samantha S (de) wrote: Finally got a copy of the movie - a schoolteacher for the deaf during the day and all sex and drugs at night. Movie is a little short explaining the why of it, whereas the book went into MUCH more detail and made it much more clear but still an arresting and upsetting movie. Who would have thought that Richard Gere would have skyrocketed to fame on this and Tom Berenger wouldn't?

Carfax A (us) wrote: Ok hump day people...Wed is here and this is the flick to enjoy your evening with..The cheesy, the incredible ridiculous, the outlandishly funny, THING WITH TWO HEADSSSSSSS....Oh yeah....This was one of those great flick's I saw on Sammy Terry in the 70's...It was pure entertainment...You have football player Rosey Grier and film legend Ray Milland sharing a body that some crazy ass scientist grafted together....Simply pure, insanity, fun also have to love the tag line for this movie.."White Bigots Head on a Soul Brothers Body"Check this out tonight and see why this movie raised racial tensions to a 11.

Jon P (br) wrote: Outstandingly creepy film

Ela T (jp) wrote: Perhaps the name of the movie discouraged some people to see it. Actually is a film about the history of Chile until 1970 with the revolution that overthrew President Allende and the saga of the Trueba family. It shows a Meryl Streep with paranormal powers and splendid as always. Based on the book by Isabel Allende.

Ian S (kr) wrote: This is where it all began Thomas Hewitts journey into becoming Leatherface..and he has just found a new toy. Bloody and brutal horror film that depicts the decent into madness that the family and Thomas took