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Greg W (ag) wrote: all star comedy set in the 1990's is just a lot preoccupied with sex.

Dan W (ca) wrote: Netflix streaming recommendation. The first two minutes the dialogue is hard to hear, the next 10 minutes are apartheid-era brutal, and then it turns into an unbelievable (and apparently true) and amusing crime caper. Good stuff.

Deen L (au) wrote: Is it great? No! But it's a fun movie. You just have to adjust the contrast of your tv whenever it gets too dark.

Peter S (gb) wrote: very beautiful and entertaining film that should be seen by anyone, deserves a much higher note

Kevin R (es) wrote: Rancho GrandeJack is overwhelmed by the idea of leaving college and moving on to a life of responsibility. As he talks to his other friends, some of which have already planned their future, others plan to drop out, and others just hope to have the guts to talk to their crushes, Jack decides it is in everyone's best interest if he stays at college as long as possible."Now you fucked up!"Rich Wilkes, who worked on Airheads, xXx, xXx: State of the Union, Iron Fist, The Jerky Boys, and The Stoned Age, delivers Glory Daze in his directorial debut (and his only major motion picture directed to date). The storyline for this film is just okay and reminded me of a cross of Animal House and Van Wilder. The cast was more impressive in name more than by performance and includes Ben Affleck, Matthew McConaughey, Alyssa Milano, Sam Rockwell, Sean Whalen, and Megan Ward. "You going to start hassling me already?"This was a random movie I came across on Netflix and had to see because I had never heard of it despite the great list of cast members. I will say the story was only so well written and the characters could have been better developed (and Affleck's hair was scary bad). Overall, I'd probably skip this picture."He was a professional student."Grade: C-

Scott S (br) wrote: It's hard to call the this awkward, overly-long opus perfect ?? but there are rewards in even its most peculiar quirks.

Ben P (ru) wrote: This film is somewhat of a family classic. If you've not seen it watch it! But for goodness sake don't take it seriously.

Michael A (es) wrote: Frank loves Anna, Lisa loves Frank, Anna dies, Frank brings her home to have fun with. Lisa helps frank cover up other deaths. Crap. Goblin soundtrack gives it a star.

Jesse F (kr) wrote: The film's dark gothic tone sets a mood of sheer dread that's immediately effective and disturbing.

Steve H (gb) wrote: Terrible. An insult to it's brilliant predecessor Even Battlefield Earth was better than this.

Virgil W (gb) wrote: At a time when we needed a distraction from the real world, this movie filled the bill nicely...

Freeman M (jp) wrote: RT consensus pretty much nails it. Half camp. Half serious. All bad.

Kevin E (nl) wrote: Ricci is really good in this but theres not much more i can say. For me it wasn't that good a film and not one i would buy.