Gun Grit

Gun Grit

Big city gangster muscle in on ranch territory with a cattle protection racket. Out to stop them is federal agent Jack Perrin.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:51 minutes
  • Release:1936
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dog,   gangster,   horse,  

Big city gangster muscle in on ranch territory with a cattle protection racket. Out to stop them is federal agent Jack Perrin. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve A (it) wrote: One star had it not had actual Seal's in it. That gave a feel of realism

Vtor M (kr) wrote: grandes e engraados momentos, mas tambm alguma humanidade nos seus personagens normalmente disfarados de arcasmo. Uma "cover" de um filme dee Woody Allen.sem o seu gnio e sua genialidade.

Mike L (de) wrote: "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."-Sri Chinmoy Ghose

Pibu A (de) wrote: its when Hollywood & Bollywood work together that masterpieces like Krrish 3 are created.

Robert L (kr) wrote: This is one of these amine you will never forget. First awesome vampire movie I ever saw, it hard to find any other vampire movie to compare.

dan b (au) wrote: Alot like The Faculty which came out the same year this movie manages to rip off both The Stepford Wives and The Breakfast Club.

Michael H (jp) wrote: Casually rascist and highly unfunny, and when the story kicks in it's too little too late - oh Nostalgia, sometimes you're a cruel mistress!

Warren W (nl) wrote: One of the best baseball movies out there.

Arnaud L (jp) wrote: Probably the worst Corbucci.

gerardo r (jp) wrote: This film is very much a product of its culture. It does not resemble a typical film, but is simply trying to poke fun at themes predominant in the time period. The plot is as thin as it can be. Philo is a trucker who likes to fight in street fights with others willing to place a bet on the results. He falls for a lady singer who soon disappears. He chases her from California to Colorado to rescue her from her abusive boyfriend. The film is slow paced and meant to be a non-intellectual film to pass the time. Eastwood displays his characteristic macho character with a soft spot for the ladies. His bad ass attitude and fighting sequences drive the testosterone into the film. The humor is many times silly and other times low brow. The humor includes a cantankerous old lady playing Ma who cannot get a drivers license, an orangutan who needs his beer, wannabe motorcyclist gang, humiliated police officers. As a slow moody film, it is worth a watch for the cultural aspects as a late 1970's country western genre. The humor might still appeal to some, but most would either appreciate it as a piece of americana or fail to empathize with this piece of the past. The scenarios and humor are exaggerated and sometimes work as humor or "what just happened" moments, but Eastwood's performance is the glue holding it together.

Chad P (mx) wrote: This drags a little bit, but if you have a bad weather day, nothing to do, like westerns and like Yul Brynner then try this one.

Paula V (au) wrote: Christopher Lee said this was the best film Hammer ever made. I agree.

Abla T (us) wrote: A must see. Embodies an authentic charisma of a young and beautiful Romy Schneider and smoothly takes you away in time &space. I watched all the sequels while I was spending my winter high school break in Paris with my best friends. Very compelling memory.

Michael T (gb) wrote: The first on-screen pairing of Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers is weighed down a bit by a silly love triangle plot; song highlights include "Orchids in the Moonlight," the giddy "Flying Down to Rio," and the Oscar-nominated "Carioca."

Kevin M W (it) wrote: It's a big production of a film, but still essentially a minor soap opera with the Duke running a circus/Wild West show. Despite the name of the movie, the traditional circus acts are given nearly an incidental status (except for the clowns) whereas the Wild West portions are shown in their entirety (I wonder why?). But Rita Hayworth as a tortured runaway mom centers and steals the whole magilla, elegant and magnetic in her matronly years.