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Gunehgaar torrent reviews

Dave P (br) wrote: Thin plot that only loosely tied things together and ultimately up. Edge shows less range and charisma than he ever did in the ring, but in his defense, the role didn't really require it.

Kate K (mx) wrote: A film about a dysfunctional family vacation....... pretty fun. just depends on your definition of fun. Enjoyed this film---especially Oakley.... who is occasionally called by his real name. oops.

Tristan B (us) wrote: Thank God for dancing. I hate all these crappy sports

talija b (us) wrote: il sogno di ogni donna - innamorarsi a venezia:)

John T (kr) wrote: Not amazing. This one is about two brothers who were wronged by a man and they get revenge. It all gets out of control and they begin to kill eachother. I just didn't get into it, though. Some of the dialog was pretty good.

Ben L (de) wrote: Oh boy, I could go off on this movie for so long. In fact I think I might just do that. Let's start with the nonsensical plot of a government agency that decides the best method of recruiting assassins is to pick up criminals before they are sent to prison. So we get to watch this psychotic woman with no control (to the point where she stabs a cop who's trying to help her) and she is trusted with guns and knives. There's no reason to believe in her, but they do anyways, and because the plot needs to move forward she decides to completely transform and become good. Anne Parillaud is a strange actress. At moments she makes Nikita appear to be an interesting character, but then there are other moments where she goes way over the top and becomes extraordinarily obnoxious. Her performance doesn't gel together into a cohesive character, and is almost unwatchable. Tcheky Karyo gives off a tough vibe as Nikita's handler, but his delivery gets a bit monotone after awhile. In fact he becomes so bland and flat to the point where I just don't care that his role diminishes later in the film. Even the remarkable Jean Reno is wasted in this film. He becomes nothing more than a yelling non-character who only shows up to increase the level of conflict for Nikita. So what works in La Femme Nikita? Not much. They introduce a love interest for her that she seems to fall madly in love with for no reason at all, other than he was there. They manufacture a big climactic hit that she must perform, but they even undermine that by having everything fall apart but the organization still makes her bumble through it. The only moment I started to think Nikita could end up being an entertaining film was her first hit, but even that got a little over-the-top and ridiculous after a few minutes. I think they could have made a really interesting film if they had spent some time from her boyfriend's point of view. He had an interesting journey because apparently he started to suspect something strange was going on, he started investigating where she disappeared to, he discovered she didn't work at the place she said, and so on. But they avoided any decisions that might be interesting in this movie. I'd recommend you avoid La Femme Nikita, it is not a very good film and there are better movies with the whole "undercover assassin" plot line.

Peter F (ca) wrote: Wizards and Heavy Metal are usually the two films brought up when looking back at retro adult-aimed animated fare, but this is better than either of them. This intoxicating Czech/French production feels like the child of Pink Floyd and Frank Herbert, and backs up it's creepy visuals with an intriguing story. The narration is unnecessary and there is a bit of suspension of disbelief needed near the climax, but I doubt you won't walk away from this film pleased. It's easy to see why hip-hop producer Madlib likes this movie so much.

Eva M (mx) wrote: Seeing it now for the first time, I found it surprisingly bland and somewhat forgettable. Some good dialogue but surprisingly few good songs. Too much talking. And what a small role Sinatra had after all, I had no idea! But lovely and colourful.

dante d (es) wrote: Yes it started a little slow but use ur head and stay in it and u will really enjoy the movie especially the end, when its over it kinda makes you think and actors/actresses were really good