Gunga Jumna

Gunga Jumna

Widowed Govindi lives a poor lifestyle in Haripur along with two sons, Gungaram and Jumna. While Jumna is studious, Gungaram is the opposite, but has a good heart and decides to use his earnings to ensure his brother gets a decent education. After her employer, Hariram, accuses Govindi of theft, the shock kills her. After her passing, Gungaram works for Hariram while Jumna goes to the city to study and becomes a police officer. His first assignment is in Haripur, where he will be forced to confront Gungaram, who is now is the leader of a dreaded band of killer bandits.

Widowed Govindi lives a poor lifestyle in Haripur along with two sons, Gungaram and Jumna. While Jumna is studious, Gungaram is the opposite, but has a good heart and decides to use his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeff H (es) wrote: Not excited to see it but it will be one of those disturbing films to tell your friends about.

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