A scruffy garbage boy becomes the pupil of a famed gunfighter, and the stage for confrontation is set when the gunman becomes unhinged and overruns the boy's town through violence and corruption.

Amiable, unassertive Scott Mary picks up the trash, cleans the toilets, sweeps the floors in the town of Clifton. Then a gunfighter comes to town. He offers advice and guidance to Scott who... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Gunlaw torrent reviews

Justin B (ag) wrote: It's damn good for a straight-to-DVD sequel but considering how similar it is to the first film, there's no reason to just not watch that one.

Vaibhav W (fr) wrote: It works as the inside view of a workaholic's family life with a twist mid-way.

Heather M (de) wrote: This was a horribly pieced together mess of a film about a truly terrible crime.

David A (de) wrote: another long conversation

Jack M (au) wrote: tracy morgan is the only reason id see this

Thomas R (br) wrote: En synnerligen stark film, br ses av hela krringmaffian i Stockholm innerstad.

Cameron F (de) wrote: Vacation ripoff starring Robin Williams as a father who takes his family on a trip before his kids grow up and time passes him by.

Eric H (es) wrote: This movie is great. Although the acting is retchid, and the film itself is a bit corny, you have to love it. Through all the flaws of this flick you will still find yourself enjoying this movie and waiting to see what happens next.

Stuart K (mx) wrote: The second film by Robert Zemeckis, after getting his career of to a great start with his Beatles tribute I Wanna Hold Your Hand (1978), and he co-wrote the script for 1941 (1979). This knockabout comedy was produced by Steven Spielberg and John Milius, and it's an underrated, little seen film in Zemeckis' CV of films, but it's one well worth giving a go. Rudy Russo (Kurt Russell) is a young car-salesman who uses cunning, guile and lying to sell cars which are rust-buckets and sometimes old taxi's or government cars obtained for the lot by the shady Manuel (Alfonso Arau). The car lot is owned by the elderly Luke Fuchs (Jack Warden) whose twin brother Roy L. Fuchs (Warden again) owns a more successful car lot across the freeway from them, and there's been a long-standing feud between the two brothers, then Luke dies of a heart attack, and Russo and his associates Jeff (Gerrit Graham) and mechanic Jim (Frank McRae) have to hide this fact from Roy to stop him from inheriting the car lot and having it demolished. However, matters are further complicated when Luke's estranged daughter Barbara Jane (Deborah Harmon) turns up to reunite with her father. There's alot going on this film, and it plays like the screwball comedies of old. Russell makes a likeable lead, and it makes fun of the dirty tricks car salesmen use to make a deal. It has a brilliant ending with over 250 cars in a race against time to stop a lawsuit. Zemeckis should return to comedies like this, he was good at it.

Richard B (gb) wrote: Good things about this film: David McGillivray's acting. Bad things: literally everything else.

Robert B (kr) wrote: This film is so ridiculous and funny. A bit formualic but this was a Friday sitcom and music show for the family spending a night at the theatre. We had popcorn night and the kids loved it. Sort of like WB Bugs Bunny cartoon a little something for everyone in the family and both Dean and Jerry don't disapoint in this film.

Steve W (ru) wrote: Another Chaplin masterpiece, this is one of his greatest achievements. The simply love story about a tramp who pretends to be a millionaire when he gets in the good graces of a lush, and uses his sporadic wealth to charm a blind flower girl. Full of socio-economic themes and simple physical humour, the movie transcends time with its poignant finale, in which the tramp and flower girl are re-united. Also noticeable is that Chaplin not only starred, directed, and wrote the movie, he also composed the music, which adds a lot of elements to the mood. Especially noteworthy is the frantic musical score for the climactic boxing match and the police chase. City Lights will always be a classic, a mix of humour and heart that stands way above the rest.

Russell S (ru) wrote: I simply can't give this movie anything less than 5 stars. Finally Paul Greengrass puts his kinetic style of handheld camera work to perfect use. Whereas his constantly moving, shakey cam technique has tended to grate on me alot in the Bourne movies, there's a real maturity and thoughtful use of it here. The movie is gripping from start to finish, the acting is always sincere and believable from the whole cast and there's not a single moment in the movie where your mind is allowed to wander off to think about anything else. Once the action moves to the lifeboat things do get quite claustrophobic after while but nevertheless the tension never lets up despite the length of the film. Just wow.

Leslie R (mx) wrote: The movie open and ended with death of Mahatma Gandhi, as a result of his strong beliefs. He was a man who became a leader for having his moral beliefs of nonviolence. In the beginning of the movie is controversy for him riding on a train for the color of his skin was not the right shade to ride in the cart. He proved even then he had a right to be where he was at that moment. He was still thrown off the train. This is where I believe it all begin for Gandhi, that violence begot violence therefore he would stand up for what in believed in but he would not fight by hitting or hurting another living being. He would just protest against the harsh treatment of people. He decides to move back to his native country India where he is asked to lead his people in a revolution against British government that is there.Gandhi was thrown in jail very frequently during this war over their human rights. It wasn't with out some sacrifices of some one thousand six hundred fifty women, children and men where killed during a peaceful gathering. That India gained their independence from the British Empire after this massacre.Gandhi continued with his nonviolence but India was still divided by the Hindu and the Muslims religions they flared up with nation wide violence between to two. Trying to stop the violence Gandhi went on a hunger strike vowing not to eat anything unless the fighting stopped! This took a lot out of him because the fighting went on for sometime before it came to a halt. He left this earth with grace and dignity and the last words he said was "God"!To me it goes to show how one person can make a difference.

Damian H (kr) wrote: one of the best animated movies Disney Pixar has to offer

Hawk (br) wrote: This movie is at it's best when it's a sci-fi mystery, unfortunately the movie would much rather be an action movie which seems like a waste as the action here is probably the most boring part. At the half way point the movie even disposes of the mystery entirely and tells the audience, in no uncertain terms, exactly what's going on. Even if you don't mind that fact the movie just feels generic by the end.

Andreia C (nl) wrote: Shailene Woodley still has a long way to go, she's not great nor bad in this movie, but it isn't all her fault. The story is confusing and the ending delivers no solid explanation and makes no sense, it seemed rushed and like hey, i'm just gonna drop this here. Eva Green had the most consistent character but stil, no explanations were given as to why she was like that, everything seemed way too forced.