Gunman II

Gunman II

The border of Burma and Thailand is lawless place, where people live and die by the law of the gun. Into this situation comes a young police lieutenant, intent on reforming the rough and ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1995
  • Language:Thai
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prince,   hitman,   thailand,  

The border of Burma and Thailand is lawless place, where people live and die by the law of the gun. Into this situation comes a young police lieutenant, intent on reforming the rough and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Diego Fernando G (de) wrote: Oh dear Uma, what have you done?

Brian F (kr) wrote: Dave Chappelle put together a pretty spectacular Brooklyn block party in 2004, and awesome director Michel Gondry was there to capture it.

Bruno L (de) wrote: Amazing! The plot is about a kidnapping, however, the movie is really about the growing chasm between the haves and the have-nots in South America. Well worth watching with the director's commentary since it provides good insights into the disparity in wealth in Venezuelan society and its effect on the general population. The acting is uniformly excellent with a particularly good performance by Mia Maestro as the girlfriend of the abducted couple.

Raj M (br) wrote: One of the worst movies I have ever seen. An insult to intelligence and an assault on your senses. Takes the art of movie making to a new low in every department. I watched it just to see how bad it could get. Could be a good case study on "How Not to Make a Movie".

Simon M (es) wrote: quirky 80's apocalypse thriller/comedy ?! hence some laugh out loud moments in some really odd places, soundtrack is great too, well worth a look.

Danny S (jp) wrote: watchable cop movie, thanks to Newman's acting chops. Overlooked hard-boiled cop story.

Leonard D (jp) wrote: After several decades, it felt kinda odd to see one of the most iconic movie monsters receive a modern day treatment. Well, to my surprise, with Peter Jackson at the helm, fresh off of the Lord of The Rings trilogy, it works! to a fault. The human characters were not that interesting in a film based around a giant ape, and this once again proves my point! The natives of the island were not only creepy, but more interesting. Jack Black and Adrien Brody were completely miscasted, and didn't fit the time period of this film! As for the effects? Some looked good, and others, not so much. It was so obvious that they were fake, including that brontosaurus stampede scene! You could tell that they used green screen, damn! But a couple scenes that I give the creators high props for, is the t-Rex fight sequence, and the giant insects at the bottom of the chasm! Those are awesome and terrifying! So, the film as a whole, is both hit and miss, but it's kinda worth a watch again! And trust me when I say this. This remake is a masterpiece compared to the new one, Kong Skull Island!

Zoran S (jp) wrote: A companion piece to SCARLET STREET. It's a masterpiece but I still prefer the latter.

Dan M (es) wrote: Don't miss it. If Bela's Drac is a joke, Lee's is a masterpiece.

Carlos R (fr) wrote: Yes irts' a good movie

Corbin P (gb) wrote: Honestly one of the funniest self-aware movies in recent memory, if you don't understand what they are pulling off then I don't know what to tell you.

Spencer H (it) wrote: I was expecting a good movie when I started to watch it, it had a good director and a great cast, what could go wrong? Pretty much everything.

Joel A (br) wrote: An edgy road trip movie that is very far for formula or any sense of normalcy. Recently freed criminal Sailor (Nicolas Cage) breaks parole with young girlfriend Lulu (Laura Dern).Filled with very exotic & strange characters largely to the fact that Lulu's has put a bounty on Sailor's Head .Accomplished with a killer dialogue & corny but like able dialogue it's really an doc style piece. In parts violent but ultimately quite strange. Undeniably entertaining though despite its shortcomings.

Jesse O (ru) wrote: And so my October HorrorFest starts off with a whimper and not a bang. Much like last year, I'm gonna try to watch as many horror movies as I can during this month. Not that I need any excuse to watch horror movies, it's just that October makes it more fun for me. But yes, maybe I should've started out with something better than this film. While the film does show a surprising lack of restraint, it's not like there's much going on in the film for it to be anything that's really compelling. I think the film definitely tries to focus more on character, and I applaud them for that, and the more small town focus of the story, but the film is really lacking on the horror. The movie hopes that you're into Paul's character arc enough in order to be intrigued enough to watch this through to the very end, but I was honestly bored by it. Paul is pretty much a tortured character after the death of his son, that he blames himself for, and that influences who he is and the struggles he has with his wife and other son. He's struggling to cope while facing a monster hunting his town. So, that's all fine and dandy, but I didn't think that the scripting did anybody any favors. Don't get me wrong, though, I do think the acting, particularly for a low-budget horror film, is actually pretty damn good. I think the film has a real good cast. From Kevin Durand, Bianca Kajilich, Lukas Haas and Nick Damici, the film has a really solid base when it comes to acting. But I just don't think that the writing for Paul's narrative is really all that interesting, in spite of how good Durand actually is in the role. I will say that the film is atmospheric, but at some point you're gonna have to deliver on the horror for the atmospherics to actually mean something and I don't think that the film delivers. The movie employs the Jaws method of only showing you quick glimpses of the monster before waiting until the climax for the actual reveal. Let's just say that this isn't Jaws. The monster doesn't really inspire that much fear. It's just really cheap looking CGi. I don't hold it against them, they just didn't have the budget for it, but it still doesn't look good. The third act is probably the highlight of the film, but it doesn't really reach a level where you can say that this is good. Other than the acting, this would be the best part of the film, though I realize that isn't saying much. This is watchable at best, but it's not a good movie. It's gonna bore you a bit, but the acting is good enough to elevate the film slightly. The third act is fine, but there's nothing in this film that's really worth watching. If you like slightly below average film then this is fine. I wouldn't really recommend it, I'll make sure to pick something better next time.

Gerald H (it) wrote: really nice movie, great cast