Guns, God and Government World Tour

Guns, God and Government World Tour

Featuring the full live show, with footage shot in Japan, Russia and Europe during his world tour, you are given a front row seat to one of rock's most spectacular performances.

Featuring the full live show, with footage shot in Japan, Russia and Europe during his world tour, you are given a front row seat to one of rock's most spectacular performances. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Guns, God and Government World Tour torrent reviews

Matt H (ru) wrote: A little too low key for its own good. Has a few slightly surprising turns. Got to give credit to Kristen Wiig for not trying to be a huge star in only being in soulless, terrible Hollywood romantic comedies and trying to be in more odd, indie movies. Unfortunately for her, none of those movies have turned out that good (though Welcome to Me is kind of daring).

Bill K (mx) wrote: The most lame and preposterous set of circumstances ever. Yelling at the screen on a regular basis.

Ariana M (ru) wrote: It's nothing stellar, but it's worth a shot and has some funny moments. I don't like it as much now as I did in my tween years, but for an indie movie, it could have been MUCH WORSE, as bad as, oh, I don't know, The Room.

James W (nl) wrote: Kristen Bell Vs. Odette Annable and Jamie Lee Curtis Vs. Sigourney Weaver? Get ready for one heck of a bitch slapper of a showdown. You Again is written rather well and you can see this through the tension that builds as the rivalries intense, and there are some big goofy laughs that involve one-up-manship, pouring food over enemies and so on, plus the awkward meet and greet moments between the characters are superb, and hard to watch as it's all fake smiles and pretending. The moment Marni meets Joanna again, and when Gail meets Ramona, the whole time I said to myself this is awkward! There are some really childish scenes that cater to younger audiences, but I still find the other scenes laugh out loud. It's no masterpiece in funniness, but it does stand out, since I didn't see it in cinema I'm glad I bagged this on DVD, a brilliant laugh.

bill s (ca) wrote: One of the best movies of the year,this will make you stand up a cheer with one after another great performance.The little movie that comes up big,Carell's best performance.

Muhammed S (ca) wrote: Inane! sensless violence and too over the top. Boring.

Raya P (us) wrote: a little uneven at times, and somewhat predictable, but fun nontheless

Alex K (ru) wrote: My Favorite War Film Is 1998's Saving Private Ryan.

Loreno J (mx) wrote: I could done better but I love the plot. Have watched a lot of times.

Vincent V (it) wrote: Best bug movie I have ever seen.

Charlie M (gb) wrote: Couple who cannot conceive a child hope to adopt a baby from a pregnant teen. This drama is over the top tearjerking at its best. This could've easily been a Lifetime movie.

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Daniel E (jp) wrote: Good from beginning to end.

Dan S (ag) wrote: One of Powell & Loy's better non-Thin Man movies. A total blast. Powell is hilarious!

Tristan M (de) wrote: Although it lacks the amazing Iwo Jima landing scene violence of HBOs miniseries The Pacific, Flags of our Fathers covers most of the battle for the island, the raising of the flag, and what it was like to return home after seeing what they saw. Losing buddies left and right and that is how Flags of our Fathers is told, through the many flashback scenes as they are at home selling war bonds. It shows two sides of the war and does a fantastic job. There isnt really a begining, middle or end, its all just kinda mushed togerther. That makes it confusing of course and some scenes repeat themselves. But its still a great movie dispite all the skipping around and confusing plot. Number ten on my top 15 favorite war movie list.

Ham W (fr) wrote: Muddled but elevated to a good film by Leonardo DiCaprio's superb performance

Tristan M (kr) wrote: The movie itself is a bit of a farce, making fun of secret agencies and the lot, and looked it. It was a pretty terrible movie, consisting of a good actor, who is plaged however by preforming in stupid movies such as this one. The script is bad, the action is amazing DUMB, and nothing is ever taken seriously. It isn't made to be, but just takes everything to far and is too childish. Mabey if I was ten or under I would enjoy it and find it funny, but I don't even find it slightly amusing aside from the part with the rising and dropping chair. Otherwise the gadgets and the ending was of course massively terrible. The wheelchair chase, escaping all the cops? Why? It was full to the brim with any possible secret ops clich (C)s, to the point of i could have written out exacty what would happen at least 5 minutes before it did. Was it better than the first Johnny English film? They are both film you watch with someone younger, and instantly forget them, so I also don't remember the original. This one will be forgeter completely in a few days as well, which to me makes no difference as I don't want to be able to say 'I've seen it'.

David G (it) wrote: A fine acting job all around, with funny and interesting dialog.