Guns of Darkness

Guns of Darkness

Committed pacifist Tom Jordan's decision to help former President Rivera escape a military coup is a simple act of mercy that takes him and his wife to the edge of despair. It turns them into outlaws and fugitives, hunted by a vicious regime; yet it could also bring them together in a way they have never been before.

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Tor M (fr) wrote: Documentary about age and the hunt for a long lasting life. Naturally there are no answers here, but the key seem to stay happy and postitive. We meet some very freaky people, some interesting people, some very smart people and some dumber fellas.Impressive ages and a cool documentary, but it's never a big film.5.5 out of 10 long bearded men canoeing with a stick and a beer.

Samantha F (br) wrote: Amazing movie definately worth seeing, but don't bother trying to knit anything when watching it.

(kr) wrote: A cheerful Pixar short filled with rhyming music and some funny looking animals. The animation ain't anything special for it's time but it's about alright.

Brian P (mx) wrote: Looks Horrible, so I guess I'll watch it.

Garry J (ru) wrote: I have never seen a documentary this up close and personal with it's subject, especially when it's a fetish house and it's 'residents'. You will never see another documentary that will show you imagery as controversial or as honestly as this does. It takes us into all the dodgy stuff imaginable that goes on in a fetish house. If you've ever wondered whether submissive men would pay to be humiliated and perform unbelievably perverse acts(like let a dominatrix use his mouth as an ash tray) and then thought, "Nah those things are only in movies" think again. Despite its sparse format and lack of proffesionalism, this is one documentary that will show you stuff you never even knew existed. Definitely worth a watch. Not for the easily offended.

Justin (ag) wrote: watch it it was filmed in b-town

J D (ru) wrote: Here's my reaction to "Heartbeeps": "Whaaaa. . .?!?!?" Just awful. This is one of those movies where you finish it mystified as how it ever got made. The concept of two robots starting a family of robots and trying to learn about the world, I can dig that. But I cannot comprehend how this one made it out of the script stage. The dialogue, the action, the characters, all of it is slow and awkward and boring. The only two robots who had any kind of redeeming qualities were the two actual robots in the group, the Catskill model and the little guy crafted together out of junk. The robots portrayed by Kaufman and Peters look and sound annoying and ridiculous. Somewhere deep, deep, deeeeeeep down there might be the grain of an idea for an actual good movie, but it's not this one. Stick with "batteries not included", "A.I.", "Short Circuit", hell even try "Making Mr. Right" if you want to see a decent "robot movie". Yuck!

Little B (br) wrote: A meditation about sick and suffocating family relationships but also about a distorted vision of life's priorities and happiness. Likely Allen describe a deviated kind of society wherewith he had to deal. The staging is very credible.

Gerald C (gb) wrote: The very first of the "Carry On " series. Just watched it again for the umpteenth time,on DVD. Pure nostalgia,asI enterred the Army in 1952 and the memories kept flooding back ! And a marvellous cast of British acting stalwarts.Including William Hartnell and Bill Owen.

Andrew B (jp) wrote: Just as great as the first. I love Asta.

Ryan C (us) wrote: the first one was alot better

Michael D (ru) wrote: would have been better if I could understand the ending

Sari I (de) wrote: I can't help liking Fletch movies, Chevy Chase is hilarious.