After her husband is gunned down, Rose Hood takes his place as sheriff of a small Western town.

After her husband is gunned down, Rose Hood takes his place temporarily as marshal of a small Western town. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Gunslinger torrent reviews

Keith G (es) wrote: where can you get this dvd

Aidan H (us) wrote: Intense drama with Womack visceral as the revenge-driven Scouser out for blood for the death of his life-long pal. Loach's probe into death and betrayal beyond Baghdad's Green Zone is grim and disturbing but, as with all of his films, its the human dilemma at the heart of the plot that gives it it's weight. However, a clumsy and exposition-laden script dulls its focus somewhat (aided by several wooden performances from its cast) and one also gets the feeling that an extra ten grand or so could have made for a more impactful experience. Still, its great to see Loach is still at the top of his game even if the subject matter is a bit stale, news-wise. Extra star for the soundtrack.

Andrew S (it) wrote: Good honest people getting shat on by society and not taking it. SOMETIMES THE CUSTOMER IS WRONG BITCH!

Alexander G (jp) wrote: Interesting documentary discussing industrial design, from the same director who made "Helvetica" about the art and science of typography. Both films are worth watching if you like these fields.

SFG 7 (ru) wrote: 29/10/2009 ( Happy Birthday to u Winona Ryder )

Christian E (gb) wrote: pretty...but sadly when a film about romance romances it to the point silliness it becomes unengaging

Peter S (nl) wrote: Wow, what a great debut! Darren Aronofsky is one of the most interesting directors today, probably best known for directing requiem for a dream and black swan. If you are unfamiliar with his directing style, or have not seen any David lynch films, you will probably be very weirded out, or bored to tears until Max starts having his bursts of insanity and when his findings prove to cause trouble. If you've seen requiem for a dream, it has the same kind of filming and fast editing, like when Max pours cream in his coffee and when he takes his pills a lot of times. This film is utterly fantastic, not necessarily a must see, but it's still a hell of a ride!

Catine M (es) wrote: La version "s (C)rieuse" des katakuris reprises par Miike quelques ann (C)es plus tard. Sympathique mais assez vide, la version de Miike est bien plus drle x)

Shane S (jp) wrote: A beautifully frightening ode to humanity's problems, an excellent closer to one of the best television shows of all time, and a masterpiece of mainstream surrealism this side of David Lynch, "End of Evangelion" hits both intellectual and visceral levels in such a way that it hurts to watch the film as it is. With beautifully minimalist animation, great screenwriting, and some of the most original imagery created from the mind of an unstable man, "End of Evangelion" is a testament to the power of the human will and Hideaki Anno's own creative mind.The question is: why don't more mainstream Hollywood films look up to this?Oh, wait. Because it's anime and all anime is tentacle porn.

Mike N (gb) wrote: a touching love story and an interesting look at a part of World War 2 i've never seen in the movies.

Damon S (de) wrote: As depressing as any other Italian film, but with the bonus of being thoroughly enjoyable. A truly wonderful film.

Art S (nl) wrote: Mizoguchi's Edo-era drama focuses on an actor from a family of actors who decides no longer to live off his father's name but to earn his own fame (motivated because he loves a woman below his class and must defy his haughty father). The woman then sacrifices herself for his career. Yes, this is a tear-jerker, or would be, save for some inconsistency in the characterization of the main actor -- is he spoiled, too passive, selfish, a real jerk, or someone who lives for love? Perhaps we are meant to see that he comes too late to realize the true love he had, but this doesn't really come through. Beautiful settings and sounds of old Japan!

Rendan L (gb) wrote: A more horror-esque take on the franchise that works surprisingly well despite an indulgent run time and utterly pointless opening thirty minutes. Grade: C+

Dax S (mx) wrote: Kind of a dated story, more like from the 70s.

Jacob B (us) wrote: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies has its moments and does manage to send some good messages about female empowerment but it never quite lives up to its true potential with not enough zombie fighting and fails to offer anything only the biggest diehards of zombie-based/drama enthusiasts will find at all entertaining. You're better off the 2005 Pride and Prejudice movie with Keira Knightley.