Kittridge is hired by the villans but turns to defend the rancher Saxon after learning the true situation. Kittrige wins Saxon's ranch with a cut of the cards but Saxon has other reasons for loosing the gamble. Telford and Lake try everything from bushwacking to setting a wildfire to stop the Saxon/Kittridge herd of cattle from reaching the railhead.

A young gun slinger tries to help a rancher and his daughter, save their land and cattle from an evil, wealthy land owner. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Gunsmoke torrent reviews

Ben C (de) wrote: This movie is awesome watched it last night, it was great, better than both it's predecessors.

Ariadne D (au) wrote: This is brilliant - entertaining and intriguing. I loved it and even my teen enjoyed it, having not watched subtitled film before. Brilliant cross over film.

David D (fr) wrote: Sounds like a modern update of Poe. I'd have to read some reviews.

Elaine S (us) wrote: Hercules would have never have been that good looking... realistically. But still...

Luke B (nl) wrote: Representing schizophrenia on film is almost impossible. As is any mental illness. It's the job of the actors and directors to capture the essence of the disease. Kerrigan gives us one of the greatest studies in mental illness. He manages to dispel the myths of such diseases, by representing the protagonist as dangerous, but no more so than a "sane" person. Peter causes the most harm to himself, as his paranoia inspires acts of self-mutilation. Kerrigan takes a generic, cop looking for killer plot, but gradually subverts the genre. The sound design is also incredible, creating a confused and hectic mind, like a radio trying to tune in. It isn't your average film, and so requires patience and an open mind.

Joey M (ca) wrote: Good 6'9" with the afro

Bill E (mx) wrote: 231. Nothing special, but Walter Matthau makes it enjoyable as a carefree CIA operative who decides to stick it to the agency with a tell-all book. There's no tension in the story, which would have helped. Recommended for fans of the original Taking of Pelham 123.

Ryan H (ag) wrote: Here's my kind of film all the way. It's a darkly comedic story that could have been entirely possible. A very serious heart beats below the surface while we're laughing at things that are happening in front of us. The cast is brilliant. Alan Arkin plays the lead character Yossarian, then there's Art Garfunkel, Bob Newhart, Anthony Perkins, Martin Sheen, Jon Voight, Orson Welles, Bob Balaban, Norman Fells, Arthur Pendleton, and more! It's all ridiculous. Yossarian wants to end his job as a bombardier, but his commander keeps raising the missions required to finish by 5. The only way he sees to get out of it is to claim insanity. When he goes to the doctor to diagnose him as crazy the doctor says he can't be crazy if he's admitting he's crazy. That takes a sane person. But if he were actually crazy he could diagnose him as crazy, but only if he requests it. You see the problem. That's the catch-22. Throughout the film we follow him trying to find a way to get out of his duties and also cope with the strange people that he works with. We also follow other characters while he's not around, which is strange since we clearly see things from his point of view. That's the only thing I'm not sure about. If we can see his flashbacks and fantasies then we are following his character closely, so it has a strangely disconnected feel when it follows other characters when he's not around. But it gives us plenty of great scenes, such as Jon Voight explaining how he sold parachutes so they could get other things from the country so they can go back and sell them to get rich. While he explains this a plane crashes and burns and they don't care to notice. Then there's the Bob Newhart scene where he puts on a fake mustache in order to hide from everyone. He tells his sergeant that he must not see people while in his office, but when he's not there people can come in to see him. It's all really funny. But the flashbacks are when we get serious. Yossarian was in a plane crash and survives, but the pilot's in bad shape. We catch glimpses of this past as the film progresses. Yossarian tries to make himself believe something else happened because the true occurrence was devastating, which is why he wants out of his duties and to go back home. He tells himself the man just injured his leg, but when we finally see the true flashback we see him lift up the man's jacket to see what's wrong and his intestines start to spill out. This scene was filmed to perfection. It was shocking and we could feel close to what Yossarian felt in that moment. And when he got stabbed in the beginning I thought that he was going to die, but in the end we continue from here and see he survives. He will be let home, but his commanding officer tells him they will only let him go home if he speaks highly of them in interviews and with the other men in the camp. Of course he can't accept this, so he runs away and takes a raft to try to escape the bad scenarios he's constantly given. Anthony Perkins was hilarious as the Baptist pastor that everyone calls father. It makes me sad that he got type-casted for horror when he clearly was more talented than people gave him credit for. Catch-22 reminds me a lot of MASH, and in many ways they deserve to be mentioned together for being a comedy about war with a very serious message.

Eli M (nl) wrote: really strong performance by newcomer jack reynor!