Gurin with the Foxtail

Gurin with the Foxtail

A gnome named Gurin wakes up with a foxtail as punishment for his practical jokes.

A gnome named Gurin wakes up with a foxtail as punishment for his practical jokes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Gurin with the Foxtail torrent reviews

Caitlin L (ru) wrote: The first one was better

Hope F (br) wrote: Probably the best movie I have seen!

Steve G (es) wrote: Sixties ber-muse Marianne Faithfull plays a frumpy grandmother who works being erm... 'handy' at a Soho strip joint to earn enough money for an operation her grandson needs. A bit wanky.

Rebecca H (nl) wrote: This is a movie that I look forward to enjoying with grandchildren when they are old enough to handle subtitles. An irreverent but meaningful look at Gandhi's philosophy and tactics, which, we are informed "are still causing chemical cock-ups in some people's brains." Warm and funny, this is sillier than the movies I normally go for, but very nice.

Georgieboy M (mx) wrote: I only watch this because a friend lend me the movie. Is stupid and violent and it works.

Christine S (ca) wrote: Oh, this movie. It's just so...cheesy.

Michael T (ca) wrote: God film, men Josef Fares har s meget mere end talent end denne film kan rumme.

Rebekah L (br) wrote: Wow, I was blown away by this movie--one I'd never heard of before. I saw it listed somewhere on "best cult horror flix" and so I'm glad I watched it. There were no cookie-cutter characters or plot devices. It was all fresh and nail-biting. Dee Snyder was a revelation as was the rest of the cast and the ending was a shocker. This movie should have received much more exposure than it did. My only criticism was the actor who played the detective whose daughter was slaughtered. At times, he seemed to be moving in a trance, or was half-asleep, and didn't come across as a dynamic character out to avenge his daughter's death. The mutilation scenes--although done mostly by suggestion--were still hard to watch. By the way, the box cover art shows a face that looks strangely like Michael Jackson. Wish there were more movies by Dee Snyder.

Charlie M (us) wrote: Divorced life sucks as proven by three friends who meet at McDonald's and reminisce about the good days and talk about life in this dramedy.

Luke A (nl) wrote: Workable idea, but what was Reiner thinking when it came down to making it??? It's like a lobotomized,modernized, Reinerized, 90's version of the Mary Poppins movie (by that I mean equally silly/ old school jokes that barely cater to children). Can Reiner just retract this from the public? Can we do that? Make this and only this movie illegal to view. I really cannot figure out how a decent director made this ass sweat, unless he wanted a quick buck and to go on vacation. ?!?!!?!??!?!?!

Larissa N (it) wrote: this movie hit hard w/ me.

bill s (jp) wrote: Love tale in a tale movies done right. and this tearjerker is done right.

Lucas Lima B (ag) wrote: Devido A Loucura Do Filme Fica Um Pouco Tedioso,Mas Recompensa Com Inesquecveis Cenas De Aco E Comdia E No Final Vale A Pena

Kevin R (fr) wrote: You spanked me!George Washington McLintock (GW) is a wealthy land owner that is a respectable man and a traditionalist. His wife left him some years ago and took their daughter with her. Her daughter returns home during a turbulent time in the village; and surprisingly, she returns with his wife. Unfortunately, the town is divided by a real estate agent that wishes to throw the Indians off their land. GW tries to keep the peace while building a relationship again with his family."I've been punched a many of times in my life but never for hiring anybody."Andrew V. McLaglen, director of Shenandoah, Chisum, One More Train to Rob, Gun the Man Down, Man in the Vault, Sahara (1983), and The Sea Wolves, delivers McLintock. The storyline for this picture is actually fairly entertaining and a unique addition to the western genre. The characters are very likable and I enjoyed the script. The acting was solid and the cast includes John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, Patrick Wayne, Stefanie Powers, and Bruce Cabot."I said what I said and I'll stand by it till death."This is a movie I grabbed off Netflix since it was a western I had never seen and a highly regarded Wayne picture. I did find this a worthwhile addition to the genre and borderline worth adding to your DVD collection if you're a Wayne or western fan. Overall, this film isn't perfect and is definitely cheesy in spots, but is definitely worth a viewing. "Don't say it's a fine morning or I'll shoot you."Grade: B

George P (es) wrote: A bit vague and speedy, but still entertaining.

Valerie P (de) wrote: I believe that this film has received low ratings purely because people did not understand it, or did not choose to. It is assuredly off-beat and eccentric in its exploration of psychological illness, teen angst, and societal judgment; but, I believe that Francesca Gregorini has succeeded in creating a uniquely fascinating coming of age story. Emanuel is a troubled teen who blames herself for the death of her mother in childbirth. She is notably troubled, filled with self importance, and has trouble connecting with others. Linda moves into the neighborhood and reaches out to Emanuel; but their subsequent closeness causes Emanuel's parents to be concerned. I will not give away the big reveal that occurs roughly halfway through the film, but I am sure that much of the audience becomes uncomfortable and outraged around that time. When viewed seriously, however, this film brings to light an issue that isn't often discussed. There is some superb acting in this movie. Both Jessica Biel and Kaya Scodelario (much better than any Kristen Stewart, in my opinion) do an outstanding job. I have also fallen a little in love with Aneurin Barnard who plays Claude. I noticed him before when he starred in television's The White Queen. He's a bit like Elijah Wood, only more mysterious. I hope to see lots more of him in future.

AANIMaL R (nl) wrote: If this happened that would suck!

Felicia H (ca) wrote: This movie was funny and good. This is a must see for people who like romance but funny movies.