Guru Manio Granth

Guru Manio Granth

Bollywood 1977

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Cat A (jp) wrote: Awesome fight scenes, teary moments, a hot guy. Only real problem is the movie is too long.

Nicholas W (ca) wrote: A rubbish horror movie, some of it was like an unintended comedy because it was so ridiculous.

Aisha S (nl) wrote: nice movie! loved the songs!

Julie D (ru) wrote: Pretty good movie. Vanessa Wiliams actually does a good job. She is seen only through the flashbacks.

Warren T (kr) wrote: I wouldn't mind this movie so much if the woman wasn't such a bloody psycho. Seriously! What kind of woman has sex with a random guy, and tells him not to cum until she says so? And then when he does cum, she flips out and kicks the guy out of her house, when it was she who dragged him into her house in the first place, and told him to take off his pants?! Um.... Lady.... if you screw a random guy, of course he's going to cum!! Even when you least expect it!! It's part of human nature, and he can't control it!! That's how sex works!! Seriously!! You've been screwing random guys for a long time, and you haven't gotten that through your thick skull?! You really are stupid!!

Tim R (nl) wrote: This head-scratcher kept me thinking "comedy? really?" And ashton kutcher as a corporate mover-and-shaker?! And a romantic lead?!?! Poor writing, horrible acting, abysmal directing. I want the one hour and forty-five minutes back! What a complete waste of time!!

Mayank S (us) wrote: Damon Wayans, Lisa Kudrow and Jane Karakowski - great actors from great comedy TV shows failed miserably in this one. Cant believe they opted to act in this movie.

Gary G (gb) wrote: what is the deal here.. Anaconda was more seat edge sitting.. python was funny as hell to me

Richie T (mx) wrote: how did these movies go from action cop drama to comedy

Jenn M (nl) wrote: Very intriguing. I liked how there were multiple tragic storylines involving people in the same town and how not everything is as nice as it seems. Its so weird seeing Reagan as well, but unlike people like Schwartzenegger, Reagan is actually a good actor! Not bad looking either. The psychiatric theme really made it interesting, especially for a movie thats nearly 70 years old

Mike P (es) wrote: Definitely not the experience i thought it would be not realizing this being another found footage movie as opposed to a full blown monster exploration that totally bottoms out by the end. Not enough monsters and too much useless dialogue. Ray Wise's corky performance as the monster voyeur elevates the film slightly with a couple of eerie stories he tells that are actually scarier than any revelation the film has to offer. Total lost cause? Not completely, but dropping $15 on this tired format that doesn't offer much in terms of suspense or innovation to the sub-genre not worth the investment. Director Adam Green's previous efforts in Frozen (not the overrated Disney movie), and the original Hatchet are much more worthy the time expenditure.

Kudo A (fr) wrote: In general, nothing's wrong with this emotional movie. Music, plot, and storyboard keenly ordered. The cast is not that bad, even the kids has a good role on this movie.

Sam E (kr) wrote: I liked it, I thought nothing was wrong with this film, even though it included many the few cliches, and non of the kills where on-screen, think of it as a pre-teen horror for newbies, me and my best friend watched this over FaceTime and we both thoroughly enjoyed it, I've watched it three times since then and I like it better everytime, I love this film!

probowl 4 (kr) wrote: Not the funniest roles from either Seann William Scott or Billy Bob Thorton but these two as well as the supporting actors (Ethan Suplee, Amy Poehler) can stir up some laughs in this short comedy.