The California Atoms are in last place with no hope of moving up. But by switching the mule from team mascot to team member, (He can kick 100 yard field goals!) they start winning, and move up in the rankings, Hurrah! The competition isn't so happy.

Low-ranking football team The California Atoms are at a constant loss until they recruit a new player, a mule named Gus, who figures the animal can be taught to make field-goal kicks. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim V (fr) wrote: Very emotional movie and a must see for pet owners. Chip your pets!

Samantha P (es) wrote: A coming of age flick.

Chris A (jp) wrote: A great movie about the effects of jealousy and irony. The tension is built up nice and when these two girls actually go at it, it's a sight to behold.

Alexander C (au) wrote: Nice family entertainment...

Davey M (fr) wrote: Cool practical effects, tightly scripted and well directed action, a bit of humor, more gore and general grossness than I'd prefer. Neil Marshall's first film is a very impressive genre exercise, hitting each of the beats and ticking each of the boxes just right and at just the right time.

li b (nl) wrote: My husband had this unwatchable dreck on the TV, and it was so annoying that I had to wear headphones and play YouTube videos just to successfully concentrate on anything else while trying to ignore it.

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Scott C (kr) wrote: What were they thinking when they made this sequel to 'The Last Picture Show'? Why bother?

Ilsa L (us) wrote: A delightfully quirky Australian film about a man who lives in his own world where his relentless pursuit of beauty is of paramount importance. Norman Kaye is perfect as Charles, the man of flowers.Trivia: Werner Herzog has a cameo role as Charles' father.

Arash B (au) wrote: Grimy, Gritty & Brutal with great perfs from Liotta & Patric, But what made this movie really interesting for me was its fantastic ending, Carnahan's great debut

Gloria C (mx) wrote: I love this movie, lots of funny parts, maybe it's just me...really Ben Affleck did over act and very noticeable, but I would have done the same. Seen it in the theaters when it first came out, even though it had a low rating, my friend bought it for me for Christmas that year, I just love it.

Kelly K (es) wrote: This movie was definitely just for laughs. It was silly, with no real point to it at all.