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Gustakhi Maaf


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Aidan F (mx) wrote: Very good and very funny

Sari P (nl) wrote: It was on satelite TV. Thank heavens I didn't PAY to watch it. It didn't tried to glamourised the violence like "The Rock"s version of Walking Tall. But the acting is z-grade.

Tom B (mx) wrote: I caught this on BBC1 the other night. Its a sweet story that takes a new angle on having imaginary friends. The young girl is an amazing actor.

Mikey M (gb) wrote: A simple little indie gem from the depressive but ever hopeful heads of a writer and a director who know what they are doing.

Ben H (nl) wrote: I loved it! Brilliant. Hilarious. A right grand celebration of football!

Lori J (us) wrote: Campy B movie. Some scary moments, but generally predictable. A teen horror flick.

pete 1 (es) wrote: still a really good action/thriller different with lots of chasing & stunts christian slater at his best why does'nt he more films like this? it has a great cast minnie driver, morgan freeman & randy quaid are superbamazing that it was all filmed in a studio

Marcus B (it) wrote: good story.kinky perverted old

Corey T (de) wrote: I really am unsure what to make of this film, it has some good moments, some yawn moments.

Cline H (fr) wrote: "enterprising filmmakers who had nothing to say, but dreamed of saying it with a big-studio budget." The synopsis gives it all.You big spoiler !

john m (jp) wrote: Armed men attack the village, the call for help, the gathering of the seven, traveling to the village, defying the villain, the first attack beaten off, a pause where we get to know the characters and their motivations better, the final attack. Doesn't this sounds familiar, from prequel? No imagination at all! Although the story is very similar (almost the same) to the original the pacing is awful in comparison. In some ways, it almost seems unfair to compare a sequel to the original, that we should judge it on it's own merits. However, usually the only reason we are watching a sequel is because of the original, so my review consists primarily in comparison. The characters are less well defined. Here most of them are nameless and you would struggle to name more than three. Even the bad guy is poor. It's impossible to replace actors like Steve McQueen, Eli Wallach, James Coburn, and Charles Bronson with a slew of unknowns. In other words, except for Brynner, these guys have no charisma! It just doesn't have the spark and chemistry. All the actors seem tired and look as if they are just going through the motions to get their paychecks. Even the shooting scenes are weaker and dull. "The Return" is nothing more than a disappointing excuse to cash on the original's success. Im giving 30 instead of 0% just because of old fame of Magnificent Seven.

Martin T (de) wrote: As a late Fritz Lang adventure tale, this fares a bit better than Moonfleet. The characters are more engaging, and although the adventure elements are sometimes a bit lackluster, there are a few great serials-inspired moments. Most noteworthy is the breathtaking eye candy. Lavish sets and lush colors that leap off the screen, it's quite a beautiful film. However, the exoticism is often cringe-worthy, as Lang indulges in one embarrassing India clich after another.

Logan M (ag) wrote: A tensely drawn-out look at a newspaper's investigation into the biggest scandal in American politics.