Gutshot Straight

Gutshot Straight

A professional poker player falls deep into underworld when he takes an unexpected wager from a mysterious high roller.

Jack Deniel is a skillful poker player. But he is defeated by Duffy, a mysterious player. To protect himself, Jack has to trick Duffy and escape from Lewis’s conspiracy. Lewis is his brother and his wife - May - wants to kill Jack. Jack has to ask Paulie Trunks for help. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Panta O (de) wrote: I watched the movie, rated it and went to RT to paste my review from Words on my computer and I was shocked to see 5% on the ratings and mostly bad words for this, if you ask me, very smooth viewing! This social study/romance film, written and directed by Alexis Lloyd was delightful to watch, especially that the stories were excellently interwoven to give you the understanding of the journey the characters were on. Very fresh casting of familiar but somehow not too popular faces, included Ingeborga Dapkunaite, Jason Day, Vahina Giocante, Paz de la Huerta ("Enter the Void") and Lee Pace ("The Fall") and all of them preformed very well. Ten characters displayed different views and understandings of love and desire, each one caught beyond his or her control in a chain reaction of seduction, impulses and self-discovery. And this is not a typical romantic comedy you are used to these days - there is no wonder people reacted negatively! From the first moment starts rolling like avalanche... and never stops...

Epifania A (ca) wrote: Joe Cornish's "Attack the Block" is a fast paced and absolutely funny film about a posse of London teens who protect their housing block from a mass of marauding aliens. John Boyega is brilliant as Moses, the leader of the pack; as too are the other young actors, including the lovable 'wannabe bad boy teens' Sammy Williams (Probs) and Michael Ajao (Mayhem). Be sure to watch it, especially if your sides can take so many bare laughs.

Henry T (ag) wrote: absolutely abysmal...

Julie P (br) wrote: Two guys from East Germany travelling abroad. Well, inspite the story of worldly innocent people who see another world is already told the movie is nice to watch.Matthias Schweighfer is the best reason to watch Friendship.

Stan N (br) wrote: i dont know about this....

Nicholas W (ca) wrote: one of my favorite movies

Vincent K (us) wrote: I happened across this film the other night on channel five while waiting for the baseball to start. I didn't see what it was called, so spent the entire film wondering why the guy didn't just use a better gun instead of sniping every bastard he could get his grubby little sights on. I thought it was awful, to be honest, but the high body count kept me amused, as did the cars exploding for no reason, and the fact that Bulldog Brisco from Frasier was in it.

Peter D (es) wrote: I love Martin Lawrence movies and this was no exception. I thought it was hilarious all the way through and Lawrence and Zahn make a strange yet humorous duo. It sure wasn't the best comedy of the century, but it did succeed in getting laughs. Overall a great film that had me laughing from start to end.

alfredo b (mx) wrote: I love this movie i can watch it every day

Leo L (de) wrote: Great mystery/suspense!! Costas Mandylor is great.

Tim R (fr) wrote: The ultimate Kevin Costner film!

Tavis B (mx) wrote: People say this movie was disturbing for its graphic depiction of a junkie cutting his arm open with a coat hanger to dump heroin into his open wound, or because the main character puts his baby in the oven... but whatever. That stuff wasn't half as gross as watching him try to unclog his toilet - hands down the grossest scene.

Matthew J (ca) wrote: "...And Justice For All" is a brilliant satire filled with high-strung performances and inspired speeches. That's all pretty obvious from the collection of talented people in front and behind the camera, but there is a little hidden treasure in this film: a brilliant, clever, hilarious performance by Jack Warden in his best edition. He's inspired, smart and such a pleasure to see on-screen that it's a shame he isn't in more of it. Despite it's topics are nothing new and the way the film handles it isn't particularly fresh either, but the cast makes it worth the wait. A thrilling, sizzling film.

Thomas M (us) wrote: 30% setup, 50% car chases/crashes, and 20% actual plot development. But transplanting a white bigot's head onto a black man in 1972? Priceless.

Bob P (ru) wrote: One of the worst movies ever made. Did some 13 year old boys with bad writing skills write the script?

Ice R (jp) wrote: Pretty good comedy-drama.