Gutter King

Gutter King

Gutter King is an urban coming-of-age fight drama about a tough street kid just released from the Juvenile Department of Corrections. The girl next door needs help, so he turns to the world of amateur bare-knuckle brawling for money.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:violence,  

Gutter King is an urban coming-of-age fight drama about a tough street kid just released from the Juvenile Department of Corrections. His new foster father tries to channel the boy's rage ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jocey D (jp) wrote: There is no perfect man. They're all dogs? and think of only one thing? always. Just like this movie. Sad and pathetic. Jeanne Tripplehorn is the only bright light in a depressing tale.

Denys B (ru) wrote: I saw movie and enjoyed it.. With this cast it's still enjoyable.

Isabella P (es) wrote: I love it I still watch it. I can even do the mocking jay whistle. Very action packed. Some scary scenes and gory scenes. But other than that great movie. Awesome movie.

Hu Ki W (br) wrote: Beautiful cinematography... But the plot is a little predictable... and one gets the impression that young Australians live the life of cave-people (the sand, lack of clothing and the humping around each other)...

Andrea L (jp) wrote: stoped 20 min in, just so boring i thought it was almost over, but it just began

Christopher C (ru) wrote: Neat soundtrack can't save dreary, cliched script that doesn't have a lot to say. There are better films on teenage depression.

Sarah S (gb) wrote: Well-directed, but the story kind of loses its way toward the end.

Jaime W (gb) wrote: I love all Steve Martin movies. This one means a lot to me too. I truly like this movie and find it funny and brightens my spirits. Maybe that just says something about me, because it was an enormous flop critically and financially. I say to Nora Ephron now...bless you in your afterlife for leaving this to us...thank you.

marco V (fr) wrote: I wanna see this movie

Karsh D (br) wrote: Low budget cult movie which the americans churned out practically every week in the eighties. If you've seen Swamp Thing or Toxic Avenger and liked them then you need to see this....if not do something else instead.

Camille L (br) wrote: Pas franchement passionnant, mais diablement sympathique et original, Explorers est un pur film des 80s, un film d'aventures enfantines mais pas infantiles, dirig de main de matre par un Joe Dante rd ce genre d'oeuvres. C'est un plaisir de dcouvrir les dbuts d'Ethan Hawke, entour de River Phoenix, Jason Presson et Robert Picardo avec des effets spciaux parfaitement dsuets mais qui devaient tre novateurs pour l'poque. On ne peut alors que regretter que le film s'croule dans son troisime acte, en manquant totalement son ct fantastique. Il n'empche qu'Explorers reste une sympathique carte postale de son poque, l'image des Goonies.

Joe C (mx) wrote: Although the film was probably seen as much riskier then other films at the time, The Pawnbroker seems to have lost its relevancy due to other superior films which have been subsequently made regarding the Holocaust. You still have to commend Lumet and Steiger for being one of the first to portray the struggles of a survivor living in the depressing and lonely aftermath of such horror. But the constant barrage of smash cuts/flashbacks and extreme close-up shots of people's faces seem quite dated and overtly dramatic. Rod Stiger's portrayal is complex and difficult for the viewer to immediately sympathize with which really makes it a masterful performance. However, all the supporting characters are either virtually inconsequential or so one-dimensional, they sometimes cross the line into parody. I mean, was that junkie pawning his mother's radio meant for comic relief??? And his assistant Ortiz, I swear when it first shows up, I thought I was watching a young Desi Arnaz (Ricky Ricardo) in this film! It really is unfortunate to be let down by such a poor supporting cast, but it is still very much worth watching.

(mx) wrote: A very intresting movie, with thrilling plot and wonderful filming!! Orson Welles did well, even with Columbia' s changes at HIS final cut in order to make the moviw shirter and easier for the audience to accept...

Cameron J (ru) wrote: "Silverado, oh, you ain't gettin' no younger; your pain and your hunger, they're drivin' you home, and freedom, oh freedom, well, that's just some people talkin'! Your prison is walking through this world all alone!" Man, it's hard to "write" a "parody" of that lyric without choking up, although, in all fairness, I think I'd cry out of frustration if I heard about Eagles' "Desperado" being parodied. Yeah, you know that this would be a cheesy parody if it was one, not necessarily because it stars John Cleese, formerly of Monty Python, but because it's a western that was released between the mid-'80s and the '90s with a cast featuring Kevin Costner... in addition to Kevin Kline, Scott Glenn, Danny Glover, Jeff Goldblum, Linda Hunt and Brian Dennehy. Wow, this is one heck of a cast, although if one of the many stars isn't of questionable credibility, then he or she is someone you really wouldn't expect in a western, and one directed, produced and co-written by the guy who co-wrote the last two installments of the original "Star Wars" trilogy, on top of all that. Wow, this was either one of the most ambitious westerns of the 1980s or, well, a disaster waiting to happen, kind of like a parody of Eagles' "Desperado". Well, people, while this film is hardly as moving of a portrait on cowboyin' as that song, it is plenty of fun, at least until it dries up. Now, as much as I praise this film for being, at the very least, fun, entertainment value takes some blows from surprising quiet spots whose dryness is blanding, if not a little dull, at least compared to livelier tones which would be more colorful if they were more consistent, alternating between melodramatics and often over-the-top fluff, while still managing to keep consistently cheesy. When the film isn't histrionic, the overt cheese has a tendency to reflect a certain placement of style over substance, which is limited to begin with by some expository issues, which mold a lacking immediate development segment, followed by a body that puts very little attention to especially layered characterization, despite all of the material padding. Momentum at least feels retarded because of the aforecited atmospheric cold spells, but limpness hardly ends within the direction, as the screenplay also drags plays an instrumental role in getting this film to drag its feet to a very unreasonable runtime of 133 minutes, with some aimless filler, and plenty of forced-feeling plotting material that reflects an ambition to make the drama more than it probably can be. Adventurous and often dramatically weighty, but ultimately inconsequential, this film boasts a near-fluffy story whose interpretation makes matters worse with overambition that is about as reflective of the story's natural shortcomings as the story's sheer familiarity. I've heard many hammer on the film as derivative of most every clichd western, and while this film isn't that unoriginal, it's further from being all that original, hitting trope after trope, and hard, until shamelessly devolving to predictability. The film is borderline trite, and that overwhelming conventionalism, mixed with all of the thin dramatics, inconsistencies and bloating, really shake up momentum, until the final product falls pretty firmly into underwhelminginess. With that said, while the film has your attention, it keeps a fair grip, firmed up partly by highlights in style. Bruce Broughton's score is conventional and unevenly played with in this formulaic and often surprisingly quiet film, but it's still reasonably effective with its sweep and hint of bite, whose aesthetic appeal is rivaled by cinematography by John Bailey that, while flat in a lot of ways, is generally clean in coloration, and tasteful in lighting which places a fine polish over immersive art direction by William A. Elliott. Outside of this western art direction, which one might not even consider a form of style, style is not especially prominent, but it is there, coloring up a thin and conventional story that, quite frankly, is still fairly intriguing enough on paper to hold its own color. This story is dramatically lacking, but still lively in scale as a sometimes rather intimate adventure western, further livened up by a script by Lawrence Kasdan and Mark Kasdan that delivers on some decent humor and inspired dramatic touches. Of course, it's Kasdan's directorial storytelling which anchors both style and substance, despite overstylization and some tonal flimsiness, doing a decent job of playing with flashy style, particularly during tight action sequences, while keeping generally controlled enough to entertain throughout the final product's overdraw course. Sure, there are plenty of slow spells amidst this overdrawn plot, but storytelling from offscreen talent still endears, even if it hardly proves to be quite as charming as the onscreen performances. Naturally, if this film is noted for nothing else, it is a solid ensemble cast, highlights by sharp chemistry that is found across the board, between star talents who are charismatic enough by their own individual right, whether it be Kevin Kline as a bright, but flawed leader, or Scott Glenn as a man of challenged honor, or Kevin Costner as a charmingly eccentric gunman, or Danny Glover as a guilty gunman looking to turn his life around for the sake of respect and loved ones' well-being. These lead performances are but a few of many commendable performances out of a respectable, star-studded cast, but they do not endear single-handedly, because through all of its aspects which are either lazy or overblown is a pretty decent western, in spite of the shakes to entertainment value. When it's time to come to your senses (Ah, I can't get "Desperado" out of my head now!), it's hard to disregard certain natural shortcomings to a story concept whose execution is too periodically atmospherically chilled, tonal uneven, underdeveloped, overdrawn and formulaic for the final product to transcend an underwhelminginess which is still firmly challenged by the appealing scoring, cinematography and art direction, and endearing writing, direction and acting which make Lawrence Kasdan's "Silverado" an adequately entertaining, maybe even fun, if forgettable tribute to traditional western adventures. 2.5/5 - Fair

Michael F (br) wrote: Interesting, some good acting, good effects and visuals.

Jake D (es) wrote: It's actually really funny. I found it to actually be original regardless of how cheesy it actually is. Definitely worth viewing if your a beatles fan especially.

Rory M (fr) wrote: underated masterpiece