A haunted hitman whose violent career has taken a toll on his mental health turns to trepanning as a means of relieving his growing anxiety.

A haunted hitman whose violent career has taken a toll on his mental health turns to trepanning as a means of relieving his growing anxiety. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Geo T (ag) wrote: Great performances from all the cast as, however the film at times feels slow part of that is because they are too many characters too focus on, aside from that the story is good if you like business movies, In the end, its a good movie.

Hunter W (jp) wrote: Christopher Nolan concludes his Dark Knight Trilogy with a scope and a breadth rarely seen in blockbusters. Though the films reach excedes its grasp at times, the ambition, emotion, and visual splendor is more than enough to send the caped crusader out on a suitably epic high note.

John P (ru) wrote: Stylish!! The scenery takes me back to the peninsula:D - Spain and Portugal you are old enough to be benevolent and wise great great grandparents to your off spring and their off spring! Unfortunately you still haven't got a clue:-/

Alex r (it) wrote: Fields of Terror is a decent sequel. The gore factor and body count are still factors in this fifth entry. However the execution is so-so and never anything too interesting. The film could have been much better. Director Ethan Wiley seems bored directing this, and the result is a film that is mildly entertaining, and one that could have been much better. Of course usually a film series by a fifth entry becomes tiring and uninspired because the screenwriters have run out of ideas; this is the case with the film. The film is a decent entry, but it never really is a good film. The film could have been much better and it shows on-screen. As far as the children of the Corn series is concerned, this is one of the worst. The previous entries tried something new by adding new elements to the series, more gore and violence. But this fifth entry is inspired and it lacks anything that makes a good film. Oh, the film is decent for what it is, but it never goes beyond that. This fifth entry is mildly entertaining; bur lacks anything to really make it a good film. Of all the Children of the Corn films, this is one of the worst because it doesn't do anything really interesting with plot and the film at times is quite boring. However, even if it's the worst in the series, it's a decent watch for what it is, but it could have been much better than this.

Javis C (es) wrote: Guillermo del Toro has given a crazy and weird twist to the classic vampire tale, it is not only gory, thrilling and charming, but original and creepy as well, now we learn that to achieve eternal life there's always a sacrifice.

Keenan S (kr) wrote: Quigley Down Under is one of the great, underrated westerns. I don't why critics weren't so fond of it, considering that contains pretty much everything anyone could want from a western. There's a sweeping storyline with important messages, romance, thrilling action, hilarious humor, heartfelt moments, and great acting across the board. The film both engaged me in ways that made me think, but it also let me have a lot of fun while watching it because of the humor and the charisma of the actors. I can't think of a single part that was dull, any overly emotional scenes, or any humor that wasn't funny. I feel that it accomplished what it set out to do perfectly. While I may not watch westerns often, I am seeing that I need to watch them more because of great ones like this one. This is also a case where the critics got it wrong, because this is a great western.

Henrique C (au) wrote: Brilliantly terrible, bad dubbing, bad acting, bad editing, terrible camera work. Hilarious, must see for its pure entertainment value.

Paulo B (jp) wrote: Very good. James Cagney is excellent as Lon Chaney! I thought the Cleva character was too over the top, and her panic that her son will be born mute bordering on offensive.

Jordan L (kr) wrote: I watched it high (on life) and it made me laugh, it reads more like a cartoon, but that's what I found good about it.

Wendye K (es) wrote: I like Clint Eastwood. I did enjoy the movie but I don't think it's the best movie he's been in - certainly not the calibre of some of his other movies.