Gwanneungui Bubchik

Gwanneungui Bubchik

Shin Hye, Mi Yeon, and Hae Young are three vivacious women who help each other through the tangles of their romantic lives, from tentative first dates to Viagra-taking husbands and ...

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Vincent P (es) wrote: It starts off strong with great Soska Sister dark humor (courtesy Katharine Isabelle having an absolute ball playing the vaguely necrophiliac lush) and, though it features some unexpected turns, the second half really lacks punch, with characters weaving through the same corridors time and time again and relatively bloodless kills. How the first one got away with an R-rating is beyond me but (with a little trimming) this one could've gotten itself a PG-13.

Jeffrey J (jp) wrote: Didn't like this movie. The acting was very low budget and the story dragged for far too long. Enjoyed the first Saints and Soldiers. This one was bad.

Vulcan S (mx) wrote: solid performance from the cast members with some exciting car stunts in Hong Kong. Though not actually ground-breaking, Motorway sure is crowd-pleasing.

Jeff S (fr) wrote: Thinks of itself as innovative, but is pretty boring

Sitha S (kr) wrote: love it, i will cry all the time

Lug C (us) wrote: An intriguing documentary, that questions equality of justice in 1980 in Philadelphia. I discovered some shocking piece of news, and if the tone can appear somehow naive, it cleaverly drives you to adress a moral issue. This film stays with you long time. A must have !

David J (it) wrote: taking almost as many cues from Argento's own body of work visually as he does from Hitchcock's this film is a pretty good little flick but starts to fall apart a bit towards the end. Argento fans should be entertained...

Adam R (kr) wrote: Boring propaganda. Appallingly overrated. (First and only viewing - 5/2/2015)

Prateek S (br) wrote: I only came here to see Jessica Alba.

Matthew B (it) wrote: I can't help but think this film could have been so much more. I think one reason why I did not wholly enjoy the film was that it never for more than a few moments felt like a true Egoyan film. A master of atmosphere, Egoyan failed to generate a mood worthy of a subject this weighty. I would have to say that this directly relates to the number of subplots and characters. With the number of these plots changing back and forth, a specific pace was not set and the tone that should have followed did not. Each new scene was charged with the burden of keeping up the tone of the previous, and most scenes failed to do so. Because of this, heavy emotional lines fall flat, and a few even cross the line into comedy. Starting out this film, I was optimistic, as I am normally a big fan of Egoyan, but as I continued to watch, I couldn't help but feel disappointed as to what this film could have been.

Jasveer K (es) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Andrew L (es) wrote: Although not nearly as humorous as one would should expect from the Coen's "Blood Simple" is still a solid suspense thriller.

Graham L (jp) wrote: This movie is not good. It's not even one of the better rip-offs of Alien. The special effects are sub-par, the dub job on the English version is atrocious, the story is idiotic, the direction is flat, the production is cheap, the music is lame. But I've watched it three times, and will probably watch it again. It has a ramshackle charm that cannot be denied, and is delightfully awful and surprisingly watchable.

Milos J (ca) wrote: Malo je blesavo preporuciti klasik, ali kada se radi o italijanskom filmu uvek je bilo lako ostati u senci velikih imena. Lina Vertmiler ostaje u senci uprkos duhovitom pristupu i prijemcivom crnom humoru koji otkriva tragediju egzistencije i tezak antropoloski pesimizam koji na neki cudan nacin ne osudjuje nikoga. Autorka je imala i veliki broj cistih promasaja u svojim filmovima, ali ovaj je jedan od nezaobilaznih. Na sta sve pristajemo da bi smo preziveli... Koliko sve to zaista vredi? Iz hladnog smeha krije se egzistencijalna jeza...

Andy F (gb) wrote: Fantastic third Frankenstein movie with Bela Lugosi stealing the show.

Molly R (jp) wrote: It just wasn't that funny. However, it had some touching moments.

Peter A (es) wrote: Just watched this movie. Great movie to remind you about Family, Faith and Freedom. Loved it!

Bobby C (fr) wrote: While the film is still incredible, the story lost some of its luster with repeat viewings. Action set-pieces hold up well but knowing the reveal behind the Lego world diminishes the enjoyment of revisiting this film. That does not mean that this film is not worth re-watching. The Lego Movie is one of the best animated films released in the last ten years and it deserves your attention if you are willing to provide it. If you watch it and enjoy it, then don't hesitate to convince your significant other to see The Lego Batman Movie this Valentine's Day week. I'd rather you spend your dollar wisely by supporting quality films like Lego Batman or John Wick: Chapter 2 over the rinse and repeat garbage that is the Fifty Shades series.