The story of a nihilistic samurai whose mother is killed, whose sister is used and deceived, and who loses the only love of his life.

The story of a nihilistic samurai whose mother is killed, whose sister is used and deceived, and who loses the only love of his life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heather l (ca) wrote: Okay first i wanna say that this movie made me proud. I haven't seen a movie that scared me had me on my edge of my seat since i watched my favorite movie of all time Scream this is my 2nd fav movie now. And i wanna say that it did great that's exactly how you start off a scary movie right at the begging getting you pulled in awesome. I went to see this at the theaters in Garland TX and oh my goodness all the teenagers was ridiculous i have to say screaming at every dam time how annoying, If you can watch a horror movie don't watch it just saying it i give this 5 stars.

Jonathan R (ag) wrote: anticlimactic and a bit aimless towards the end, this still gets 4 stars for a handful of scenes which are unforgettable in their power to synthesize the drama of nature and civilization.

Frances H (kr) wrote: A less cool version of the themes of the same themes as The Crow.

John W (kr) wrote: Plague Town A family decides to go to rural Ireland to get in touch with their Irish roots. What didn't expect was to stumble across a horde of bloodthirsty mutant children and a town that is determined to end the mutations by unnatural cleansing method. I didn't know much of anything about this film prior to seeing it. I saw some photos, read the synopsis, and became intrigued. I didn't have much of any expectations when I entered the theater the night of the screening. Having no expectations was probably the best frame of mind I could have had going in because this film didn't do much to impress me. There were a great amount of problems that I was able to pick up on very early in the film and as the movie played out, the production never improved. It was quite obvious that the film had been done by a relatively new cast and crew. The acting was bad, even for a horror flick. The camerawork was shaky almost anytime the camera wasn't standing still. This film contained some of the worst sound work that I've ever heard. Anytime an actor spoke over a normal talking voice the sound would get muffled. Then the ending happened. There was all this buildup and then when you thought something amazing would happen, you are delivered a giant dud. The saving grace of the film comes in the form of the plot and the makeup. Plot-wise the writer and director are able to tell an interesting story. I was intrigued as the film played out regardless of the many elementary level film making that was being displayed. The makeup effects blew me away. Obviously with a low budget, computer generated graphics are going to be hard to come by. So instead they did what I respect and enjoy more, actual makeup effects. There is a good hanging by eye sockets that really impressed me. The FX crew has a lot of potential to go somewhere if they got their hands on a bigger bank account. Not bad for a time killer but not something you need to rush out and see either. Normally I buy a few of the DVD's of the films I see at the Film Fest; this won't be one of those films. This is a film that shows the crew's potential but not much better than any student film I've seen. If you want to see what not to do as far as production goes for your first film, watch this.

Teen Opinion O (mx) wrote: I tried so hard to like this movie but well i couldn't. This tells the story of a man who kills people by coming out of a movie and then he takes them into the movie to be trapped forever. This was, at first, an alright movie. It looked like it could be very good but after a few minutes this movie was boring and pretty pointless. This movie is kinda gory but the gore is that really crappy fake gore. You can tell not a lot of work went into making this movie. The acting is so so and pretty bad. You can tell the directors tried to create dramatic scenes but failed dramatically. I would say don't see this movie.

Ed F (ag) wrote: The sequel to Tokyo Radiers. New story not quite as funny as the first but still worth watching, lots of good action and story is captivating. Cast are perfect. A must see.

Quentin T (it) wrote: The only reason I am giving this movie two stars is because it was almost "that" hilariously bad!

Casey B (es) wrote: David Gordon Green is one of my favorite directors (at least his earlier films). Shocked it took me so long to see this film. Haunting, beautiful, flawless.

Mark D (es) wrote: I thought it humorous. Martin Lawrence and Will Smith make a great team! Their characters are very funny. It also had good action. But there was quite a br of coarse language which wasn't necessarily relevant to the story

Tyler S (fr) wrote: I haven't seen this film in quite some time but I remember enjoying the premise.One of the main reasons I liked this film is the performance from Kevin Bacon as a menacing man who is suffering mental anguish from an experiment gone wrong.Basically he is invisible and cannot bring himself back. It's a good transformation from good to bad and Bacon does a good job playing a man who day my day loses his mind and respect for others.A good thriller.

Walter M (ru) wrote: Quisling(n) - a traitor who aids an occupying force In 1936, Nobel Laureate Knut Hamsun(Max von Sydow) and his wife of thirty years, Marie(Ghita Norby), have a massive row that lays bare the anger that has always existed just beneath the surface, especially as it involves their sending away the kids to boarding school so he can write and his not writing. In the meantime, Marie goes to hear a not-so-crowded lecture by National Socialist Vidkun Quisling(Sverre Anker Ousdal). So, when Marie and Knut reunite, they have something to talk about. Aided by an excellent performance by Max von Sydow in the title role, "Hamsun" would have worked much better as an intimate drama, instead of going for epic stature which only serves to muddle the details of this potentially interesting story with marginally relevant family details. Overall, this is the life of a writer considered a national treasure in his home country of Norway who also acted against its national interests during World War II. In fact, Hamsun did try to use his position to do some good, but as a right wing anti-communist monarchist not having read the big print had no real idea who he was dealing with in the Nazis. It is also possible that he believed their propaganda just as the Nazis used him for propaganda purposes with the cameras going non-stop. All of which just goes to prove you cannot tell everything about an artist from their creative work.

Bill T (kr) wrote: Maybe I'm being overly negative here, but I found this incredibly weak. Full of plot holes, confusing situations and well, dumb jokes, this A and C rntry doesnt have a lot behind it, and just left me meh.Great floor chow at the beginning though.

Neville P (es) wrote: timeless classic about a boy and his dog against all oddswatch it with kids

Felipe I (au) wrote: How green was my valley then...

Cheryl L (br) wrote: Quite silly, but at the same time some funny parts. A bit slow overall though.

Emily T (fr) wrote: this was an romane beutiful movie ever

Turtleboy G (it) wrote: This was an alright "horror" movie. First off, it wasn't really a horror movie, more of a teen romance kind of thing. Some scenes were pretty enjoyable, and the only horror related scene was really the first three or so minutes. I thought the acting was good, though, but it was mostly the fact that it was pretty disappointing considering I had high hopes for this movie. Decent movie that some might enjoy.

Henry F (nl) wrote: I'm not a fan of romantic comedies. Never have been. But this film is absolutely fantastic. It's so rare to find romantic comedies or plain old comedies with suck great writing and heart to them. It helps that the films subject matter its home with me, as I have a close family member who is bipolar. I honestly though, I think the film's message is universal. The casting is perfect. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence have unmatched chemistry in this film. Robert Deniro and Jacki Weaver as Pat's parents turn in great performances. Even Chris Tucker's minor role is memorable. I have seen this movie countless times and plan on seeing it many more.