Gym Teacher: The Movie

Gym Teacher: The Movie

Dave Stweie was America's hope for the gold in the 1988 Seoul Games.... until he ran face first into the vault. After Suffering humiliation on a global scale, Dave eventually faded into obscurity and became a gym teacher. A gym teacher with the drive of a former Champion, that is, who takes his job seriously. Very seriously!

Roland ("iCarly's" Nathan Kress) is the new kid at Hamm Lake Middle School and there's just no hiding he's a super geek with no athletic ability. Dave Stewie (Emmy? Award-Nominee ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wes S (ca) wrote: Muddled story with bland characters and misdirected actors. It's slow, uninteresting, and uninspired. It's too flat to be emotional, but the entire film tries to make you feel for the characters that you really couldn't care about.

Urmi C (nl) wrote: Cute movie, about a nerd falling in love with the school's princess, saves her from drowning to later find out that she is moving to Singapore with her dad 7 years later he's still in love with Alisha aka Priyanka Chopra. Now here comes the twist, for 7 years he has been developing a software which is stolen by Varon aka Dino Morea. He tavels to Singapore alone leaving his dad. There he somehow ends up as being Alisha's daughter's Nanny and there from the movie goes on. :) __________________________It was a cute movie so i gave it 6/10

Jon T (br) wrote: Not that great Overall

Gii B (ag) wrote: Interesting account of actual events concerning a Chinese physics student Liu Xing (Liu Ye) who arrives in the states under the supervision of the great cosmologist professor Jacob Reiser (Aidan Quinn). Soon we are shown the brilliance of Xing??s mind and his scientific breakthrough in the study of dark matter. His discovery doesn??t sit well with his professor and this leads to an unanticipated wall Xing must try and break down. There was a real nice quality to this film and I was kept interested in where the story was heading. Liu Ye played the lead character extremely well in a totally believable performance. Quinn was his usual self and the university benefactor (Meryl Streep) who befriends Xing gives us a gentle caring performance. All in all a well put together little movie giving us some insight on the events that unfolded.

Paul C (kr) wrote: Super fun, cheesy, exploitive, "tongue ripped out of head and placed firmly in cheek" gorefest from Herschell Gordon Lewis, the man who literally invented the genre 40 years earlier. This is a sequel / parody of that first film. Lots of nonsense, gore, bad puns, inside jokes, and a cameo or two. A must for fans of the splatter genre.

Craig D (br) wrote: I know its a B zombie movie but I've seen porn with better acting.

Jorge R (br) wrote: Cuanto tiempo que no veia un drama con Clase. Uno de los capitulos de la gran Novela Dai-bosatsu Toge (The Great Bodhisattva Pass) by Kaizan Nakazato. Cine como debe ser..INTENSO y MAGNIFICO

David J (br) wrote: Superior Korean War film about a detachment that has to guard the escape route, directed by Sam Fuller! Good stuff...

Samuel S (kr) wrote: you won't find any critic reviews on this's a total "B"movie...the acting isn't terrible, but then again I think I've seen porn actors do a better job. Some of them were better than others. The zombies were not realistic in the beginning and then they sort of got better. I'm not sure if it was the channel I was watching but all the gratuitous T&A shots were blurred. That was maybe the only thing that would have made this movie worth watching. If you need a movie to laugh at for bad acting and terrible FX ...this is the one for you..

Anatoly S (de) wrote: An okay Alien + The Thing rip off. Good cast, not super cheap. An almost convincing underwater effect. Good for a one time rental. A sold C grade flick. CHECK IT OUT

Cameron R (kr) wrote: I thought this movie was pretty awesome,It's Van Helsing meets Dante's Inferno,it's an intense action packed fantasy thriller, and I highly recommend Solomon Kane to anyone who really enjoys fantasy movies with nonstop action because this one delivers :-)