Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack

Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack

To celebrate their graduation from university Kaori and her two friends visit Okinawa in southern Japan for a short vacation. At the vacation house, provided by Tadashi's uncle, a numbing stench awaits the girls, and can be traced to a horrendously deformed, legged fish that Kaori kills. More and more of these creatures appear and portend a horrific change for the animal life in the area. A phone call from Kaori's fiancé Tadashi in Tokyo quickly shows the scope of this epidemic, when he is also attacked by these mechanized fish. Kaori immediately sets out on an perilous voyage to find out what happened to Tadashi, helped by Shirakawa — a videographer in search of the truth behind all this...

The friends Kaori, Erika and Aki are on a vacation to celebrate their upcoming graduation, when suddenly an infestation of mysterious walking fish forces them to reevaluate everything they care about in order to stay alive. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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