Gypped in the Penthouse

Gypped in the Penthouse

Larry and Shemp reminisce about their experiences with Jean, a diamond crazy gold digger each of them was gypped by. After telling their stories, they have a run in with Moe, who is now married to the same women. When Jean shows up, they deliver some stooge-style revenge.

Larry and Shemp reminisce about their experiences with Jean, a diamond crazy gold digger each of them was gypped by. After telling their stories, they have a run in with Moe, who is now ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Courtney F (es) wrote: Underrated gem. Sure, it may not stand up to the test of time, but it is great fun. The soundtrack is perfect. It never can it, when its Romeo and Juliet...BROOKLYN STYLE?!!!

Callum M (fr) wrote: A talented cast does little to componsate for flood's rather unconvincing propect of bridge high waters wiping out an entire city, and ultimately drowns in its own mess.

Mark M (it) wrote: Great movie, one sure to bring laughs to the young and old alike.

Gavn W (gb) wrote: I only watch this because of Evan Rachel Wood she's consistently charming and wholesome but also found out it touching and entertaining.

Greg R (ca) wrote: I got two words for you: "shit weasels". This movie is so silly its a guilty pleasure.

Chris W (de) wrote: i didn't really like it I thought it was stupid -ash

Nareen A (au) wrote: i don't know why.... but i've enjoyed a lot when the 1st time i watched it.... i love it so so much!!!

Dale (it) wrote: Truely an epic mini series movie, faithful to the book. Some might think it is too long, but I thought it could have been longer.

Eliabeth M (ag) wrote: Director Ferrand: Making a film is like a stagecoach ride in the old west. When you start, you are hoping for a pleasant trip. By the halfway point, you just hope to survive.Una pelcula de cmo hacer una pelcula a travs de los ojos de Franois Truffaut, no slo un director, sino un amante de las pelculas. Hay una escena donde est teniendo una pesadilla luego de un difcil da de rodaje, donde esta este nio arrancando posters de Citizen Kane, no por maldad, sino por admiracin y probablemente para luego pegarlos en la pared de su habitacin, y es Truffaut cuando nio. Day for Night es una tcnica usada para filmar escenas de noche pero que parecieran que fueran de da, y de eso se tratan las pelculas, de crear ilusiones, al igual que las actuaciones, donde los actores pretenden ser otras personas, pero cuando las cmaras dejan de rodar, no dejan de fingir, y cada uno tiene sus propios problemas, pero el show debe continuar sin excepcin. En el set nos encontramos con los tpicos personajes, la actriz demandante de atencin, el protagonista inmaduro con problemas amorosos, la actriz inocente con una belleza inusual, la claquetista que consuela y da consejos a todos y por supuesto el director que trata de mantener el orden y compostura dentro de toda la locura del set.Esta pelcula es esclarecedora en lo complicado que es realizar una pelcula y todo lo que requiere, pero tambin muestra los vnculos ya sean positivos o negativos, que se forman, y que de una manera es como una gran familia disfuncional tratando de llevar a cabo una misin que parece imposible.

Bradley K (kr) wrote: An odd installment in Tourneur's filmography but a very entertaining international espionage thriller. The odd Rod Sterling-esque voice over somehow works with the post war Europe setting, achieving a satisfying dissonance. This dissonance is found also in the motley crew of protagonists including a clown (?). Very entertaining stuff, and an interesting take on the noir format but be sure to check out Tourneur's psychological-horrors and true noirs!

Joel K (ru) wrote: This was just not good

Nathan A (jp) wrote: Relentlessly scary, and super original.

F B (it) wrote: Quite dated but good old enjoyable 80's film with simple story and plenty of simple action and adventure.