A junkie couple board themselves in their apartment while they try to kick their heroin habit.

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Phil S (es) wrote: If this is truly how we treat those in need, we have sunk to the absolute bottom... The time for change is nigh...

Jar S (it) wrote: Birdemic vs. Planet Terror

Tim F (jp) wrote: Fight club hits the streets of London. Just plain weird though and poorly linked plot.

Ricky G (it) wrote: Tommy Chong basically went to jail for telling jokes. At one point, they interview Jay Leno and he says "if they want to getcha, they getcha", wether you've committed a crime or not.

Christopher T (jp) wrote: This movie left me wondering if I too would become a sex crazed animal if I became famous.

Emma I (us) wrote: If you give any more food to those dogs I'll kick you till you're dead.

Filipe C (jp) wrote: More enjoyable than The Martian. Of course the special effects are outdated and of course the science isn't all there. We had five decades of technological and scientific discoveries since. With that in mind, I think Byron Haskin and co. crafted a very ingenious film supported by a very smart script. And there's no beating landscapes in technicolor.

kelly t (mx) wrote: lolol i only watched this to see rock hudson mm

Deusdedit D (au) wrote: Un filme que retrata la vida de un cono cultural como Bruce Lee es interesante, y Dragn logra su cometido, adems de ser muy entretenida.