H Dabor

H Dabor

Ahmed Mekky reprises his popular role of Haitham Dabor in this comedy where Dabor is used to living the party life before his father is wrongfully imprisoned thanks to the people who want ...

Ahmed Mekky reprises his popular role of Haitham Dabor in this comedy where Dabor is used to living the party life before his father is wrongfully imprisoned thanks to the people who want ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jennie N (it) wrote: Slow , and not really that interesting. Serves you right, don't drink and drive then dry to cover up it up.

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Craig C (jp) wrote: An entertaining bad movie that while ridiculous and riddled with haphazard clichs, does manage to inspire unintentional laughter of the riotous kind.

Zainab P (it) wrote: im such a baby i cried at the end it was a great movie id watch it 100000 times

Russ B (jp) wrote: 1/4/2017: Love this movie! Some really good action and an interesting story! Love Beckinsale in this role.

i C (it) wrote: 6,5/10as a child this was funny af

Jaime M (de) wrote: Makes you think. Mmm....Ok, not really ha! Of course, despite the good cast, it's not Bridesmaids

Yama R (kr) wrote: An unintentionally funny, poorly conceived documentary that will make you want to punch a plethora of gringos. Starting with the director.