Four girls spurned by the popular Sorority on campus decide to start their own and steal all the men on campus away from the house that rejected them.

College exploitation film focusing on the wild escapades of the women of H.O.T.S. Sorority. The antics include but are certainly not limited to a wet t-shirt contest, a sky-diving episode, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


H.O.T.S. torrent reviews

Kang R (br) wrote: Nice Cinematography.

Huw G (ru) wrote: Far more fashion than art, but it's not always entirely clear which will ultimately turn out to be which, so there's at least a little to think about. Nice enough, but not particularly insightful, and would surely have benefited from tighter editing.

Eric R (ag) wrote: Extremely intresting film. I found myself engrossed in the odd relationships and subtext. The ending of this film played out like a shakesperian tradegy. This is definetly a film I will have to watch again and again. My one complaint was some of the editing, if found brash and uncessary, but still a great film.

Steven S (ca) wrote: Great movie showcasing the old Grand Central Terminal (when Amtrak was there) and Metro-North RR on the Hudson Line with the retired M1 and ACMU fleet. Otherwise it was the typical run of the mill storyline with the chasing girl happy ending.

Arnaud L (es) wrote: The Bud Spencer and Terence Hill duo gets better. Their chemistry is near perfect and they have plenty of occasions to show off their skills.

Zack S (ca) wrote: I live in Oklahoma and I love the state of Oklahoma. I don't regard this movie highly as much as some do, but it's definitely worth watching! Even though I don't really care to see it again, it's still a worthwhile experience. Plus, I love the songs. Of course, as an Oklahoman with a lot of Oklahoma pride, I would say that. Still, this is an enjoyable musical that's worth seeing. Especially if you live in Oklahoma like I do!

Jen S (ru) wrote: I completely agree with the critic who said this movie is worth it just for Tarantino's cameo.