When Canada's Prime Minister drowns in what appears to be a boating accident, his son takes office and is drawn into a deceptive world of power and corruption.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   suicide,   police,  

When Canada's Prime Minister drowns in what appears to be a boating accident, his son takes office and is drawn into a deceptive world of power and corruption. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike M (au) wrote: This eye-catching, thought-provoking doc plays like a Morgan Spurlock project in thriller, rather than comic, mode... Some staginess/construction is evident: the paranoia Bond spirals into while off the map, dismantling his kit like Harry Caul in "The Conversation" and flailing in "Blair Witch" night vision when he retreats to the woods, is all too clearly (and, over the long run, monotonously) a performance. The film's strongest material is unfaked, and taps into the high anxiety of the age: while ducking his pursuers, Bond discovers the extent to which his favoured online retailers and broadband provider have detailed his every move, and how individual lives have been ruined by heinous data mismanagement. Aggressive lobbying by the private security sectors, coupled with the controlling-nannying influences of the State have, we learn, combined to leave the UK as the third biggest surveillance state behind China and Russia (who have form in this arena) - and that's even before we factor in ID cards...

Kannamma V (gb) wrote: Soundtrack ROCKS...but the movie left a LOT to be desired...

Danny S (fr) wrote: Acting was not great! Story line, thin. Cute guys! Way to much use of language!! Could have been a good show, even despite the budget. Just didn't seem to meld.

Tim M (au) wrote: All in all a pretty low budget movie. The movies does have some good points but are mainly due to Female interaction and would only be appreciated by the male in the species. The movie plot is certainly not new, however there twists and turns through out the movie stop you from falling asleep. Worth the watch, but don't except to the be to entertained as IMDB only gives it a 4.29 / 10.Tim

Simon D (au) wrote: Much better than I expected. I had avoided it because I knew it was about ballet and I figured that it would be just another British northern comedy variant of the full monty but it was more than that despite having the same foundations. It does carry a decent message which is always appreciated.

Frances H (fr) wrote: I really liked this movie, especially what it had to say about racism and the use of characters who were just ordinary people, not evil villains, to say it. The way the characters and their lives intertwined, the use of some funny comedy moments, and the understandable emotion between the characters made the film a series of very absorbing stories that continued to hold your interest. I particularly like the end credits, too, with their collection of wind-up toys. All-in-all, a very rewarding cinema experience.

Charlene B (ca) wrote: Emily has always been the rich brat who tries to pull every imaginable stunt to get attention. But one day, as she fakes her own kidnapping and locks herself in the trunk of a car, a thief steals the car, with her inside. She is attracted by his reckless lifestyle and the situation makes her kidnapping the more real and frightening for her father.

Richard S (mx) wrote: The follow up to (The Last Picture Show) pretty funny and the cast really pulls it off. The same cast as before, but older and wiser dealing with their own set of problems.

Nathan S (mx) wrote: I tried to attempt to watch this, but the DVD wouldn't even play it. I think the DVD had good taste. Forward to a year later, when I finally watched it, the 1 hour and 53 minutes of my valuable time was wasted on this. The best part of the entire film was when it ended.

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Rebecca L (au) wrote: Absolutely loved this film. Brought me to tears. The chemistry between the two characters is inseparable. You could tell they were meant to be together from the start. Really did love the story of this film! Absolutely recommend this film. I'd say in my opinion that this has to be the second best Nicholas Sparks story