Ha Khel Savlyancha

Ha Khel Savlyancha


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1976
  • Language:Marathi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Ha Khel Savlyancha 1976 full movies, Ha Khel Savlyancha torrents movie

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Ha Khel Savlyancha torrent reviews

Robert W (mx) wrote: can i cut my wrists poor is such an understatement

May R (it) wrote: excellent. so glad i stumbled on this one growing up.

Mandi L (fr) wrote: Hands down one of my favorite movies. This is a must see for anyone with a brain.

Cha W (jp) wrote: I was a P.A. on this film. Small note this movie was made in Ohau on the North shore and it was called SURF GIRLS. They changed the name to blue crush a month before it hit the movies which made me miss it completely.

Joshua T (fr) wrote: Greatest Western Movie ever.

Tsubaki S (ag) wrote: It's been a while since i saw this one, Ferrara's direction is great, the sense of tension was very well build. My problem was the very anti-climatic ending. Might need a rewatch.

Steve M (nl) wrote: [b]Loose Cannons [/b]Starring Dan Ackroyd, Dom DeLuise and Gene Hackman A hardboiled vice-squad detective (Hackman) is teamed with a not-quite-recovered-from-a-complete-mental-breakdown homicide detective (Ackroyd) to solve a series of bizarre murders that are linked to the Washington DC porn industry. As their investigation unfolds, a plot involving neo-Nazi hitmen, Israeli spies, the German government, and overzealous FBI agents starts unfolding. Solving the case becomes even more complicated as one of the chief witnesses and target for the assassins (DeLuise) is still hoping to cash in on the secret item everyone is after--a hardcore gay porn home-movie featuring Adolf Hitler himself! "Loose Cannons" is a fun ride in the "buddy" picture mold, with some nice twists on the typical "hardboiled cop" character portrayed by Hackman. A worthwhile flick, despite several instances of characters behaving in a stupid fashion to make the plot work.

Jack G (ru) wrote: Christopher Walken acting like Christopher Walken in front of a bunch of fake-cute aliens, and acting all crazy around his bitchy wife. That's about it, but... it's got Christopher Walken! That's enough sometimes.

stefn birgir s (ca) wrote: a softcore t'n'a americanization of james bond, with penthouse playmates and a dukes of hazzards narration. promising but quite boring, thankfully the director made ninehundred sequels so he probably corrected his mistakes.

Pierluigi P (de) wrote: Everything is low key about this film, until the last thirty minutes when the plot violently unravels. As other great neo noirs of its type, it confronts a man with old fashioned morals and mentality with hypocrite modern day world. Gene Hackman gives another stelar performance.

John B (us) wrote: A very cute film about French nuns as the fish out of water coming to America in order to fulfill their heavenly mission. The interaction between the nuns and the people they encounter really makes this one sizzle.

Andy L (es) wrote: After a poor start this one improves a bit. But not much... All credit to Angela Bettis for doing her best with what little she has to work with, and she is by far the best thing in this. But unfortunately this ends up being just another noisy horror, flick which steals from many movies which are a hell of a lot better than it.

Joe c (es) wrote: It had its very funny moments. Had plenty of non funny moments too. Still worth seeing. Laughed so hard I cried a couple time

jl s (mx) wrote: really good movie my dads fav of all old horror movies

Jerry F (ca) wrote: I found it boring. The ageing stars didn't really fit in with the new ones. I didn't make it to the end.

Khaled M (ca) wrote: When I found out that Charlotte Gainsboroug in the movie, I thought am headed to a Charlotte weird compelling journey but clearly the movie is disappointing and all over the place with ill-defined setting and insufficient script and performance. The only good remark about it was the beautiful cinematography and the landscapes.