Haat - The Weekly Bazaar

Haat - The Weekly Bazaar

Accused of infidelity by her husband, a woman is given a humiliating punishment at the hands of the village elders.

Accused of infidelity by her husband, a woman is given a humiliating punishment at the hands of the village elders. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Javier S (gb) wrote: Una pelicula deportiva de un entrenador que toma un equipo de lacrosse de Nativos americanos y los saca de la reservacion en base al depaorte para ser el primer equipo que se distinga por ser de nativos y ganando en un juego que los nativos inventaron hace mucho tiempo. Suuper formulaica y totalmente olvidable, yo la vi por que crei que era una secuela de broken arrow.Cha-fi-si-ma

Roxanne R (br) wrote: Fantastic!! To quote Chris Carpenter at Movie Dearest: "Chock full of relatable, well-drawn characters, razor-sharp dialogue and witty observations...(Mindy) Cohn's performance and those of the supporting cast are great! Affirmative and it resonates with some of us, I understood Violet so well because I love my gay friends, they are the sunshine in my life and gay men sometimes understand straight women very well..Some of my best friends are gay and I could not imagine life without them!! They are so handsome, dress well, go to neat places, have wonderful taste and their lives seem perfect...Casper Andreas did a phenomenal job directing this motion picture which many "fag hags" definitely can relate to and trust me I dislike the term fag hag or fag stag but they are used repeatedly in the movie. Plenty of cute guys and some of the cast members appeared in Slutty Summer. I adore Casper Andreas films and I think Casper is such a lovely person and human being; his films speak to me and they are terrific! So for all the Violet's out there, we shall find our fag stags! We shall find men who are secure of their masculinity and are very much heterosexual yet are kind and understanding of our gay friends, who support the GLBT community and don't mind sometimes partying at a gay bar because its so much fun...YES I AFFIRM WE WILL FIND OUR FAG STAGS! Thank you Casper for another enlightening, funny, interesting and thought provoking film, highly recommended!!

Mela S (nl) wrote: Ending was awful. Overall a ok movie, however didn't make much sense. And did not appreciate the constant fading between each scenes.

Chris W (fr) wrote: Stalker Chic..LMAO..all I can Say.

Sarah F (kr) wrote: Yeah, i'd like to see this, i think!

Lena L (fr) wrote: good, but could've been better

Ian C (de) wrote: Rewatch."Affleck, you da bomb in Phantoms, yo!" Really liked this. Schreiber is the balls, a double twitch from McGowan and Going. The special effects are fairly shit, the script is wank, but the enjoyable cast and the legend that is O' Toole make this an enjoyable horror comedy.

Misty S (de) wrote: I will admit that this movie scared me. But I still hated it.

Deadly V (ru) wrote: Tense, entertaining and very well acted!

Joel H (kr) wrote: It's interesting how Mr. Smith Goes to Washington feels so dated and yet so relevant at the same time. This movie itself feels like Jefferson Smith, naively striding into the homes of the cynical and skeptical modern public, only to prove that it does, indeed have something important to offer. This movie still packs an emotional punch almost 80 years after it was made and it's easy to see why it's a classic.

Paula H (it) wrote: Oh my, the search for the lost love... one of the best films ever and Gabriel Garcia Marquez's 'Love In The Time of Cholera' about to be released. Looking and looking and looking for the lost love.

Mad M (jp) wrote: Pretty good for a chick flick. It builds well and find yourself pulling for characters.

bill s (ru) wrote: How much better an actor Freeman is then everyone else involved in this lacking thriller is too funny.....the movie is 1.5 stars,Freeman's performance is 5 stars.