Habana Eva

Habana Eva

In a Havana, shaken by Fidel's retirement, a young seamstress, trapped in a sweatshop job, dreams of designing beautiful dresses. Frustrated by her lazy, though adorable Cuban boyfriend, she meets a sophisticated ex-patriot Cuban-Venezuelan who dazzles her with a glamorous future. After many deceptions and surprises, Eva has to choose between the two men she loves. Hers is an unexpected decision... a humorous metaphor of Cuba's options for the future

A young seamstress in Havana with a dream of becoming a fashion designer, has to choose between the two men she loves - a suave foreign photographer, on a mysterious errand, and her loyal ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Habana Eva torrent reviews

Kevin B (nl) wrote: really good film but not as good as the first one

Smashproplaya (fr) wrote: It seems like Brad Bird makes the best animated movies, and this is a good example.

Paula K (ag) wrote: Self-indulgent, drawn-out, and bizarre.

Terri H (ag) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

mike p (de) wrote: This is a great and unique Giallo. Were the victim who appears to be dead has to put the puzzle together through his memories of the events leading up to his 'death' Great score too.

CJ C (jp) wrote: A simple, classic 60's thriller (tho with Keir Dullea & Carol Lynley in the leads, you know someone is gonna be psychotic lol.) LOlivier & other great English supporting actors make it a wonderful suspense flick.

Dominic S (fr) wrote: The best musical I've seen since Easter Parade. lol. But seriously I loved this musical so much. As soon as Marlon came on screen, I melted. When he started singing, I came back together again. lol. His acting was great but his singing style was below average. Can't believe he was in the original Broadway cast.Frank Sinatra was great in this as well, much better than his performance in Anchors Aweigh.Jean and Vivian, I loved them both, Vivian more, maybe because she had a striking resemblance to Marilyn Monroe.Great musical numbers and a phenomenal story.Guys and Dolls, I give you a 100%.

Jason T (de) wrote: Not at all original just a ripoff of Red, Snatch, and Taranito's films. Silly plot with some bad acting. It was a little entertaining in parts but a forgetable DTD film.