Hack Job

Hack Job

An anthology film with three stories, all taking place in the same small town.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English,Arabic
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:blood,   troma,   hack,  

An anthology film with three stories, all taking place in the same small town. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hack Job torrent reviews

Blake M (kr) wrote: Since the film is listed as a documentary, I went into it accepting it as "real" but with the knowledge that it may not be. Much of the film seems authentic, but every scene involving violence is clearly staged. Especially the scene where Curtis is shot and the assailants gun miraculously jams, all while the dude holding the camera continues to film as opposed to running. Despite the staged footage, the film itself is still a powerful look into the realities of life on the streets. Certain parts stirred up nostalgic memories. Other parts gave a look into areas of life that few people are ever exposed to. It's a solid film and it's edited very well. Definitely worth at least one viewing.

Sergei K (jp) wrote: Sherlock Holmes police detective knows everything about the psychopath killer, but it takes a vengeful Liam Neeson killer cop to take him out. Holds some entertainment value but has way to many 'Why's.

Ricardo Junior S (br) wrote: Excepting the beautiful cinematography, "Skateland" is just a bag full of air. The more I think about this movie, more I'm impressed with how empty it is.

Vanetta L (ru) wrote: I love the suspense I loved into the anticipatience and I love the twist Robert Downey is the bomb

Steve G (it) wrote: I thought it was going to be a nice movie about a picnic. Instead, there's a weird Freudianism about it; where everyone has these stupid tawdry yearnings bubbling beneath the surface. This is completely emblematic of that kind of idiotic, mid-20th century, wanna-be subversive, over-saturated, 'serious issues' playwright melodrama, brought to the screen in the clunkiest way imaginable. Clunkier than the previous sentence.Why is Strasberg rolling her eyes? Was she watching her performance?So much awkwardness. Always the worst of humanity. The one thing, I think, everyone can agree on is that the mother is horrible. The actress did a great job playing her. There's a nihilism about it that reminded me of Grand Hotel, with the oppressive swelter of The Long, Hot Summer. I'm not sure there's a likable character in the entire film. The mother's performance is best. romance is not very believable, but the sort of chase at the end makes for the most interesting part of the movie. Gorgeous cinematography. I wish the story matched it.

Joseph C (ca) wrote: Lynch's movies remind me of Mahler's symphonies in that every moment is an intensity. Wild At Heart is Lynch's ode to love, and it is one hell of a ride. Fires burn, the colors scorch the eyes, the sexuality is stentorian and sweaty, the violence is near orgasmically epic (replete with one of Lynch's favorite tropes: severe head trauma), the music intoxicates -- whatever Lynch touches, he finds some kind of monstrous, inner energy and visualizes it. The film is a visual ecstasy: when Lula and Sailor make love, the screen becomes drenched in primary colors, as if the film itself climaxes in Technicolor. Dafoe's Bobby Peru takes his place among unforgettable Lynchian villains, unstoppable, nearly undead, and his death scene is spectacular. All in all, I love David Lynch, and the universe he creates is highly entertaining and very satisfying, as it seems to push visual and auditory boundaries just enough to make one catch one's breath, but not enough to drown. Lynch's intense imaginary landscape, even when it is horrific, is always engrossing.

Nathan T (mx) wrote: The conflicted characters make it worth seeing.