Haggard: The Movie

Haggard: The Movie

Based on the true story about Ryan Dunn (played by himself) and his ex-girlfriend Glauren (Jenn Rivell) and how she cheated on him. After the break up Glauren is rumored to have been ...

Based on the true story about Ryan Dunn (played by himself) and his ex-girlfriend Glauren (Jenn Rivell) and how she cheated on him. After the break up Glauren is rumored to have been ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cary Y (jp) wrote: In flight movie. Very witty.

Christian W (it) wrote: This documentary opens with Ginger Baker clubbing music journalist Jay Bulger in the nose. Gives you a sense of Ginger??s personality right away. Through interviews, pictures and video footage we learn of his story from young Jazz days to old curmudgeon. Even graphic illustrations are sprinkled in and actually work well within the narrative. An inspirational piece about a very interesting cat who rightfully belongs in the conversation about greatest drummers ever.Glad I saw it. Cue up ??Toad??.

Denise L (br) wrote: a truly heart-warming story

Natasha S (ag) wrote: While I didn't care much for the lead actress (Nicholson), John Krasinki was just awesome in this. Lots of good acting.

Darren M (br) wrote: Fantastic. One of my all time favourites I think. A brave and well told story.

Joo Miguel R (nl) wrote: Not a bad movie by all means, Below uses the claustrophobic setting to build the tension beetween all the leads, and does it well. Slow paced in some sections and leaves some big question after the credits roll with some faults filling the plot that have some holes in it.

William C (kr) wrote: Its a good documentaryC

Robert S (us) wrote: Comedy classic, slap stick at it's best.

Francheca S (ca) wrote: Una de las mejores producciones colombianas, llena de ingenio y creatividad. La historia recrea la dinamica social de mucha poblacion vulnerable que vive procesos de desalojo.

Bilal K (ag) wrote: jazz muzisyenleri icin cok sey ifade eder bu film..

Sam S (mx) wrote: This was hands down, my favorite movie as a kid. It really has a way of making the impossible seem possible and opens up the imagination. It didn't help that my grandmother lived right next to a Stoney Creek. But, my sister would pretend that we had powers and one day we'd get to witch mountain as well. Plus, the effects are brilliant for their time and the actors are great. It's much better than that lame remake they did.

Ivan S (it) wrote: The first movie I saw from Luchino Visconti, I was trilled about the italian neorealism i've heard about.The film defines perfectly the italian personality, passionate and impulsive. The roles of the traditional Italian family are also well depicted. It's a sad drama, touching and and profoundly moving but some parts of the story are overacted and it may make the spectator unworried about the details.

Christine D (de) wrote: Action packed through and through! I love the Karate style fighting. The touch of humour from Seann Willam Scott had me laughing!

Oliver E (nl) wrote: Charming but quite uneventful. Certainly not something I'd watch for entertainment, which isn't a bad thing, but not something I would really even enjoy watching through a second time. I'm sure it's true brilliance is beyond my cinematic knowledge though.

John S (ag) wrote: 68%/6.8 (i know that I rated it a 70%, it's closer than 60) A fairly large majority of the humor is dated and not so much laugh-out-loud funny as it is smile-cracking funny. As a result, a majority of the conflict within the story as well feels more distressing than humorous, and it rather disturbs the experience. Despite all this, Harold Lloyd is a delight, and there are some brilliant scenes that are almost worth watching the film for, such as the cameo of Babe Ruth, the brawl with all of the old-timers, and the chase scenes. But the emphasis is on the "almost." It's not really a bad movie, if you can appreciate the humor, you'll enjoy yourself, but If you're like me, and have trouble swallowing certain brands of silent humor (i.e. non-Charlie-Chaplin), you will find the experience boring and uninteresting.