Hagiga B'Snuker

Hagiga B'Snuker

The story is about two twin brothers, Azriel and Gavriel (both played by Yehuda Barkan). Azriel is a shy and religious Jew who works in a fruit shop in Jaffa. Gavriel, is a hoodlum and a ...

The story is about two twin brothers, Azriel and Gavriel. Azriel is a shy, religious Jew who works in a fruit shop in Jaffa. Gavriel, is a hoodlum and a good-for-nothing hustler who runs a Snooker Bar. Gavriel and his friend Hanuka make easy money by swindling people into gambling on Snooker games.One day Gavriel is forced to renew contact with his brother because he is in trouble with a gangster. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert G (ca) wrote: very good little bit sad

Michael O (it) wrote: Not altogether rotten, but it lacks originality and chemistry between it's leads. Kevin James is fine as the bumbling zookeeper, but add Rosario Dawson to the mix and it feels like tuna and marshmallows: it just doesn't meld. It's kinda cute anyhow. The film's true saving grace is the voice talents of the many celebrities as the zoo animals. Maya Rudolf, Adam Sandler & Sylvestor Stallone are great voice-overs. Of course the best voice talent is Cher as the lioness. Cinema has missed Cher. Let's hope her next film is not one like this (or a bit better than "Burlesque" for that matter)...

Gail A (fr) wrote: Nicely done TV movie. May not be of interest to all

Logan M (de) wrote: The middle part is no less epic than the one before or after it.

Seamus F (es) wrote: 5 stars if i was filmed better.

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Joshua B (br) wrote: An excellent continuation of this action-packed romp of a rebellious cop and his partner.

Dan K (ru) wrote: weaker huston is still a really solid movie. finney is insanely good.

vanessa (kr) wrote: Mediocre acting from a younger Dillon. The atmosphere of the book isn't quite compeltely caught in the movie and the director ommited several important details from the novel. However, the movie still manages to catch your attention and keep it until the end.

Adelle W (it) wrote: nice hot steak and kidney pie...

Michael H (jp) wrote: Full of the sensual mysteriousness which Hammer used to achieve so effortlessly during their long occupation of Bray Studios. Starting with a re-run of the Count's dusty demise at the hands of Van Helsing, this was the official sequel toDracula, and - though it tails off - the first hour has real grandeur as Dracula's servant uses a prudish Victorian couple to effect his master's restoration.

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James S (us) wrote: Sad movie, sad ending but great story..deep and impacting

Jose F (ag) wrote: Cool movie, terrible acting.