Over drinks, two friends agree to swap fond memories of their recent trips to the same seaside town. As the stories unfold in flashback, we realize their accounts take place at the same time—and with the same people—in this potent swirl of chance encounters, nostalgia, heartbreak and grace from Korea’s highly regarded auteur.

Two friend have a drink together and sharing their experience of 'Tongyeong'. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dinesh P (fr) wrote: A wonderful biopic of Mary Kom. Beautifully directed.

Thomas L (es) wrote: Werewolf movies are few and far between these days, so you have to take what you can get, and that's really the only reason I sort of liked Wer. After a promising start in which the acting isn't half bad, and the police procedural bits are solid, Wer descends into absurdity. It's as if director William Brent Bell (who actually knows how to pull off a scare or two) had no idea how to strike the proper balance between the character drama and the horror. The result is a spastic last half in which there is some inventive violence (if you can catch it in between cuts) and some ridiculous interactions between the cops and the beast. The latest Wolfman incarnation was obviously a huge influence on the latter plot developments, still... Wer is well made, if dumb, entertainment.

Bob S (gb) wrote: not much different than any other shaky cam film, but the idea is fresh

Wrik S (ca) wrote: i got seriously bored nauseated.... could have better, with a better depiction of realism...

Michael D (ag) wrote: Made me want to make the commitment to hike the AT.

connie j (ca) wrote: This was a good movie, shows real life and what does happen when you involve someone else in your relationship. Its rare but good when all 3 can see eye to eye.

Mattias E (ca) wrote: Lou Ye returns to his beloved Shanghai in Purple Butterfly, a for the most part successful marriage between his own distinctively avantgarde "6th generation"-style and the thriller format. While technically as accomplished as his previous work, highlights include some pivotal camerawork by Wang Yu, Purple Butterfly remains somewhat lacking in the storytelling department, and Lou has a hard time trying to convince the viewer to care for his characters in a narrative that seemingly haphazardly constantly shifts temporal focus. However, as a tragedy of fate, Purple Butterfly hits the mark pretty accurately, ending on an appropriately destructive and dejected note.

Mohammed A (ca) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Alex S (kr) wrote: With its lethargic pace and inferior script bringing it down, Hard Eight is able to overcome that with a strong central performance from Phillip Baker Hall and an unpredictable ending.

Greg W (kr) wrote: mildly amusing with chase, hawn and grodin in their prime.

Rodrigo R (ag) wrote: Superb acting by both Taylor and Hepburn.

Anders A (gb) wrote: Sharp early noir, exploting Rita Hayworths considerable sexualism into a explosive three-heart-drama.

Dave A (au) wrote: My wife loves Katherine "Izzy Stevens" Heigl. Loved her on Grey's Anatomy. Loves every movie she's in. Me, I like James Marsden as Cyclops in the X-Men movies. He's a pretty funny guy...But he was in Superman Returns, so there's proof that good actors can make bad movies. This is not a bad movie...It ain't Shakespeare. It's a fun movie.

Julian P (br) wrote: Add a Review (Optional)

Pam R (gb) wrote: Such a great movie! Redford did a great job and I never knew about this part of the story.

james f (ru) wrote: Adam West! Still not reason enough.