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Steve W (kr) wrote: Back in 2003, Tony Jaa and company proved that lightning can indeed strike twice. With both hits of Ong-Bak (2003) and The Protector (2005) taking audiences by storm, Tony Jaa was labeled the new "Jackie Chan", due to his hard hitting fight scenes and gritty stunt work. But this time around, the filmmakers are missing one fatal flaw, action choreographer Panna Rittikrai. He seems to be the only person from the original crew missing, and the result is a complete and utter mess. The movie tries to recreate the stunts from the original, featuring a shoddy CGI filled motorbike chase that runs on for too long. Then the movie actually has one semi-decent scene, No. 2 (Marrese Crump) and Tony Jaa face off in a shipping yard. The movie never gets to its full momentum, because of the addition of Jeeja Yanin. She was excellent in Chocolate (2008), but she feels superfluous and useless in this movie. She has to avenge her thief of an uncle and twin sister, but in the film she only has a weird taser, acupuncture needles, and subpar fighting skills. Jeeja spends the entire movie getting smacked around by lesser goons, but can somehow take on No. 2 when the plot calls for it. You could have taken her character out of the movie and it wouldn't change anything, so Jeeja Yanin is sorely wasted in this film and should have been a villain.As for RZA, he is about as slow as a turtle in his fight scenes and he might as well be fighting in slow motion. After No. 2 is taken care of, Tony Jaa's character has to fight RZA, who is utterly unconvincing as a martial artist. Wearing a suit and punching Jaa through walls, his punches look so slow and he comes off as more camp than menacing. No. 2 (Marrese Crump) should have played the villain, as he had a better screen presence.Its almost as if the filmmakers made a checklist of what people like about Tony Jaa and Thai cinema, and decided to do the exact opposite. Fight scenes are quick cut edited, the bad CGI is all over the place (like the literal firefight), and the main villain was sorely miscast. All of these things could be forgiven if the movie had some sweet fight scenes, but the movie doesn't even get that right. Despite the little spar between Jaa and No. 2, the movie has nothing else to offer, except a cheesy and laughable plot.The Protector 2 shows the fallacy not pushing yourself to higher standards. Its rumored that Jaa quit the movie industry and became a monk to run out his 10 year film contract, but then on his return he came back to the same people and made this film. Tony Jaa is more capable of this, and this is why The Protector 2 is such a sore disappointment.

Steven S (br) wrote: RVD should of done some of his kicks in the movie like on wrestling.

Carlos Z (ca) wrote: Fairly dumb movie featuring some fine actors.

Bruna R (de) wrote: Por que a loba luar teve que morrer? :'(

Ben H (au) wrote: It was great, had a great story and of course it had Mark hamil as the joker so of course it was good!

Joseph W (jp) wrote: such dark comedy from the czech republic! :)

RocknRoll C (ru) wrote: This movie holds up through time. Great editing and great soundtrack too - everything from Lynard Skynard to Tricia Yearwood. You can't go wrong with Steve Buscemi, Nicholas Cage, John Cusack and John Malkovich either.

Andrea R (es) wrote: I fell in love with this movie. I do not understand why people hate Kevin Bacons performance so much, because, in my case, it was really good. But first, i'd like to watch the movie in it's original language, because i watched in spanish.

Mark J (de) wrote: I really wanted to like this so badly but I simply couldn't. There is just so much filler, no humor, lots of cheese especially since all the background characters sing and some of you know how much i hate when that is overdone and there are really only 3 or 4 good songs which is very little when you look at the big picture. After we get into the "story" it is good for a while but after "A New Argentina" till the end it is definitely the worst musical film I've ever watched. So balancing out the "kind of good" with "really bad" i'd give it a 2/5.

Darrin C (mx) wrote: Not the best James Cagney crime flick, but watchable with good morals and an unforgettable ending.

Michael M (fr) wrote: I'll give you "And den???" plus a young Jennifer Garner but that's about it. Ashton and this movie stink.

Sylvester K (ru) wrote: In this campy thriller, a man murders his lover so he can marry a wealthy socialite, but his dead lover keeps coming back to haunt him. It's campy but rather fun to say the least.

Michael W (nl) wrote: Hammy and Cheesy all in one! High-octane, intense action,violence, babes, pretty boys, and surfing. All the pillars of a good story, which should be part of the English literature curriculum. Surfers find it more bitchin' to rob banks than work. Gnarly Keanu Reeves (agent Utah) tries to take down Patrick Swayze (Bodhi)'s crew. Over the top stunts, with tongue and cheek over the top acting mixes well enough to pull off an entertaining movie. Swayze's presence makes Point Break bodacious. 3 stars.