In her wedding day, Rita decides to cut her long hair. The husband to be, Paulo, which was working all night...

Haircut is an independent Portuguese drama film directed by Joaquim Sapinho, produced at Rosa Filmes, which was nominated for the Golden Leopard at the 1995 Locarno International Film Festival. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Haircut torrent reviews

Tami P (au) wrote: Absolutely fabulous-spot on!

Hugh F (fr) wrote: I was expecting it to be a bit more of a comedy, slightly more CBC drama element that I'd have liked. Having said that, still funny and a great movie, highly recommend it. High and above a lot of the drivel out there lately.

Will V (ag) wrote: American Pie.. B-movie style. Some good laughs and funny scenes, but the b-movie shows its true colors, with some bad acting.

Joe C (gb) wrote: This film is not an introduction to Spalding Gray. This film is a final farewell from beyond the grave, lovingly assembled by a friend and admirer for the rest of us to have closure on the sudden loss of such a profound and talented artist. Sort of a cinematic funeral service for all of his admirers to reflect upon. Many of the excerpts are assembled from his lesser known monologues and interviews, including large portions of 'It's A Slippery Slope', which was my introduction to his work and life and I still think it's the one that still resonates with me the most. There's so many levels you can connect to this film, so I won't even bother listing it. If you're familiar with his work, this is a MUST WATCH. So many remarkably touching moments that cause you to smile so fondly and yet still be crying your eyes out. Thanks for the beautiful stories, Spud. We all still miss you very much.

Abby D (it) wrote: I liked this movie a lot, that could be biased of me to say because I love Emily Blunt and Amy Adams as actresses, but they really shine in this movie. Good character developement, good morals. See it.

Brett C (kr) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:Christmas is just around the corner, so better to start now with holiday-themed films in order to get me into the holiday spirit. Four Christmases, or Four Holidays in Australia, was a film that I had fond memories of, back when it was released in 2008; watching it with my cousins during a holiday in Houston, gouging down on popcorn filled with butter, evoking a laugh or two during the experience. It is little moments like these that make the Christmas holiday beautiful, being with your family and loved ones, taking part in crowded and forced activities just to be with one another; it's not until now that I am much older and more attached with my nuclear family that I could appreciate these little pieces of my life.As a film, Four Christmases is far from the best in the genre but it does occasionally hold up with surprising comedic elements and decent chemistry between its two leads. There were moments that left me and my sister in sudden burst of laughter, particularly from Vince Vaughn and it was because of this, it fills out the moments throughout that felt empty and lifeless. The film also preaches the importance of family but it never does anything substantial with it, leaving the relationship between the central characters with their respective families undeveloped, in service for a comedic moment at the end. I also found the pacing of the film to be slow during a couple of instances, feeling too long for a film that should be fast paced and on point; thankfully, as I have said, the film's comedy that comes in once in a while saves it from being such a chore.Four Christmases does not aim to become more than what it is, but as a comedy it does work much strongly than its competitors; it is only too bad that it does not have enough heart to compensate.

Timothy F (fr) wrote: Valuable in that it lets us get inside the mind of the artist as much as possible. While she is famous for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, many of her other works are just as remarkable.

Joe T (gb) wrote: Captain Ron gives you a glimpse into some Caribbean humor, and what a journey might be like for someone who just inherited a ship with no idea of how to deal with this situation. Russell and Short are hilarious in this film. I love Captain Ron!

Akshay M (fr) wrote: Director Jim Sheridan and Daniel Day Lewis teams up again after the sucess of my left foot, Daniel Day lewis gives another remarkable performance as Gerry Conlon. Based on a true story, a guy who serves 15 years in jail for a crime he never committed with his father, who were forced by British police. This is one of my favorite movie based on a true story.

Russell S (nl) wrote: A great sequel that's really a prequel that despite it's entertainment value suffers slightly from a lot of Kate Kapshaws screaming and two or three moments that affect your suspension of disbelief. It feels about 10 minutes too long but on the whole a very good movie.