Hakkenden dainihen

Hakkenden dainihen


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1916
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
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Hakkenden dainihen torrent reviews

Ashley D (ca) wrote: without fail the worst movie I have ever watched in my life im sorry but I don't believe anyone in the world can actually enjoy this those who say they do are lying for attention I truly don't know how I made it through the 2 hour run time I didn't think a movie as bad as this would ever make it into the mainstream simply horrendous there's not enough negative terms I can use for this awful mess

Jean M (ru) wrote: brainless funny movie

Loreno v (nl) wrote: "43 Aliases. 89 Phone Lines. This is the Story of Howard Marks."Based on the hugely successful autobiography of the same name, Mr. Nice tells the incredible story of the life of Howard Marks, "the world's most sophisticated drug smuggler." REVIEWRhys Ifans plays Howard Marks in a movie based around the Welsh drug dealer's biography. We go from Marks' entry to Oxford (where he first discovered the delights of smoking dope) to his brief brush with conventionality, followed by his first occasion of importing a Mercedes full of cannabis, his association with IRA gunman and drug importer Jim McCann (David Thewlis), and assorted escapades, brushes with the law, assumed identities and so on. Throughout all this he continues to father additional children with long suffering partner/wife Judy (Chloe Sevigny), and he appears to be a good father, loving and loved.What to make of this? Well, it always holds the interest, it is well acted by all involved (albeit Sevigny's role is pretty thankless), and much of it has a reasonable sense of period (in particular, Ifans is inserted into period newsreel footage with mixed results), with some good use of period music (John Lennon's "God" is particularly well placed). It is sometimes amusing, seldom gripping, and be non-judgemental - Marks' exploits are presented to us and we are left to come to our own conclusions as to how right or wrong he was.The illegality of his actions is not condemned: however, although there are several points where one gets the feeling that the filmmakers' sympathies lie with the legalising marijuana lobby, it is difficult not to take on board the drastic consequences for Marks and his family when he is apprehended and the excuses no longer work. I ended up being as morally compromised as the movie - it was a worthwhile exercise to make the film, I think, but I am no wiser as to where Marks would stand if we were all to line up and be judged. And maybe that is how it should be.

Wendly E (ca) wrote: i would like to see it

Sandy C (us) wrote: this is a much better movie than its scores indicate. it's probably because it's a chinese movie trying to overcome bias against chinese/asian/foreign movies.it's on tv now with subtitles. why? chow's movies usually come dubbed.

twotwo k (br) wrote: mama i want to see so bad i havn't even seen it i trying to watch it

Pranav K (jp) wrote: well thought-out script--one of those rare movies that fuses science with religion. Life in the future as depicted in the movie was quite interesting (though it seems more like 2500 than 2050). Special effects are awesome!!! up to par with Hollywood. Songs are good with breathtaking cinematography. Harman makes a good debut. First half is very cliched, but it picks up. overall a good movie.

Grant S (au) wrote: Calling this B-grade is a compliment. Z-grade, at best. Weak, unoriginal plot - could be any creature-horror movie. Lame direction - even the special effects are bad! Wooden, one-dimensional acting.Avoid.

Alan L (au) wrote: Honestly I usually don't waste time rating garbage like this...but i thought i'd do my fair share and worn the rest of y'all. Let's just say there were SO little laughs, i actually fell asleep! The girl on the cover is in maybe 6mins of the film TOPS! Seriously, stay away and keep your 87mins!

Rory Fyfe S (de) wrote: Loved this film. Had good heart and good acting.

Katrina H (de) wrote: You knew what you were getting as soon as the film started, a coming of age story set in London with some dodgy acting lol but actually quite a sweet film

Max N (au) wrote: One of the favorites when growing up. Also one of the first Christian Bale roles. Nice movie, good music.

Meg r (it) wrote: sounds good cause it has James Dunn in it : )

Leonard D (it) wrote: A gangster story in which you have to watch twice in order to understand it completely! Once you get the flow of this, you'll understand that it's brilliant!