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Halcones torrent reviews

Phantasm G (ru) wrote: Don't watch this if you are over 13 years old

Tracy W (es) wrote: Boasting a great performance by Bai Ling, dumplings is the type of disturbing absurdity that lingers in the mind long after viewing. The art direction is all about being minimalist, with great utilization of the sounds of smacking of the lips, the chopping of the meat on the cutting board, the reaction of things characters see but you do not. This is how you make a horror film. Highly recommended viewing.

Da C (kr) wrote: Simplistic (single scene 2/3 characters) yet rich and quite funny, swordplay is great but the writing/dialogue drive the film. Great film!

Jonathan W (nl) wrote: ice-T and Coolio were the best part but last like 5 minutes BOOOOOO

Jamie C (fr) wrote: Not as good as I thought, I was expecting another film like snatch, But was a little disappointed, But a good ending makes up for most of the films downtime.

Alexander C (ca) wrote: Will have to watch this one. Not necassarily good or bad. Will see. Want to watch!

Andy C (mx) wrote: It is complex, but I wasn't particularly moved.

Ajith U (es) wrote: war stories were best portrayed in 60's nd 70's.. courage beyond the call of duty can never be matched in the real life stories