As troubling signs of global cataclysms accelerate, a brother and sister react to their father's desertion and the powerful presence of their mother's new boyfriend.

As troubling signs of global cataclysms accelerate, a brother and sister react to their father's desertion and the powerful presence of their mother's new boyfriend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Half-Life torrent reviews

Daniel M (it) wrote: Yet another recent John Cusack film trashed by the critics (unjustly). This movie has all you need or could ever want from an action flick. Definitely worth a watch.

Irvin K (fr) wrote: I'm not understanding all of the negative reviews. This movie was creepy, with an unexpected ending. The ending is what really grabbed me, making this movie as a whole, damn good.

Marija P (nl) wrote: They had some idea, but it's not developed at the end. It's not bad, but i could be so much better.

Lissy P (jp) wrote: A film that sadly should never have been made. In an attempt to be uber-mysterious, it is an uber waste of time, no matter which way you slice it. I like movies that leave you hanging, but there is no possible conclusion to which one can arrive that would connect the dots of the pieces of this film.

Benjamin N (us) wrote: Olga, beautiful images. Not Mallick's best.

Susan G (br) wrote: I can't understand for the life of me why they would cast Freida Pinto as the lead in this movie. She doesn't look the least bit Palestinian and I found that to be very distracting.

Leecee B (it) wrote: One time I stayed up for like 50 hours using sheer willpower. This movie put me into a coma.The entire freaking thing used ADR - badly. So badly it was distracting, an impressive feat considering the horrible acting. None of the sound ever matched. They didn't even have enthusiasm while they were singing. I bet Jesus would cry if they sang with such crap-ass carelessness for him. They could not be bothered to care. Also seriously who was the random younger brother? Was he adopted? Why can't they explain the important things? That bugs me more than anything else. I will wonder to my dying day if that boy just wandered into the kitchen and stole a plate of food or if he actually belonged in the family.Also why did the nerdy little girl (like super little, possibly a legal "little person" little) have to take off her glasses and style her hair to ask the judge if their group could sing for everyone. What did that accomplish? Did we miss the metamorphosis of her becoming a woman? Did she blossom into a confident woman leader while we weren't looking? Have ANY OF THEM HIT PUBERTY???We tried to sing along to some of the sing-along bits but turned it off when Zach declared repeatedly "It's all over me." We all know what he's talking about, and that's just gross. Thinly-veiled references to massive amounts of jism have no place in inspirational films.I do not recommend this film unless you want to sleep a sleep so deep that only the shrieking breathless laughter of your drunken friends can bring you back to life, and then spend the next hour or so wondering who spent their money putting this on film and wishing they'd just buy you a new car or some pot or something instead.

Krista B (fr) wrote: Ever wondered what would happen if you crossed Child's Play with The Devil's Rejects? Neither have I, but I suppose it would be something like this. Very bizarre, erratic movie, but not bad overall. Definitely not for viewers who like everything explained nicely and tied up neatly.

Jorge U (de) wrote: Laughed uncontrollably in the theatre!

Tooba A (au) wrote: More serious than you think you'd get

Andy W (au) wrote: Well-intentioned but laboured and somewhat cloying attempt at tragedy.

Brian H (it) wrote: This movie is so bad!

James O (us) wrote: Trick Or Treat is a marvelous 1980s horror/rock movie. Marc Price is very convincing as Eddie, the tormented metal-head. The bullying he goes through feels uncannily authentic, so at least the makers of the film have some idea of what high school is like instead throwing together a bunch of stereotypes and thinking that's what high school could possibly be like. The rock soundtrack by Fastway is also something to be proud of. The music is well selected and is definitely something a rocker like me would listen to. Tony Fields plays Sammi Curr, one of the best horror villains ever. He's a leather-clad rocker who's made out of electricity. He shoots lightning out of his guitar and can come out of any device that's playing his latest record backwards. This gets interesting when it is played backwards on the radio. Gene Simmons appears as Nuke, the radio DJ who gives Eddie Sammi Curr's last album. Ozzy Osbourne cameos as Rev. Aaron Gilstrom, a preacher speaking out against violence and obscenities in rock music (the irony is hilarious). The special effects and make-up effects are good, the plot never drags. I have heard that there is a 98 minute cut of the film on VHS, but I don't know if this is correct or not. All I do know is that the DVD release is pretty bad. It's full-screen only, no special features, and the box art is awful. To get it to sell, they say Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne are starring in it and stick their CURRENT PICTURES ON THE COVER. No, not the characters they play, their current pictures. On the back, half of the photos are behind-the-scenes (not that bad, though). I'd say the DVD is worth buying because of good picture quality and an all-out amazing movie.

Ly K (kr) wrote: fffffffffffffffffffffffffff

Richard S (ru) wrote: A very good Cagney film.

Jake F (mx) wrote: Best movie ever made. Flat out.

Scott M (mx) wrote: Mel Gibson was a humble actor in the 1980's. I loved him in this movie. One of my favorites. Too bad he had to become a total jerk after Braveheart.

Stephen S (us) wrote: What moviemaking should be. Unfortunately none of the big crooks went to jail.