Half Moon

Half Moon

"Half Moon" tells the story of a city gripped with fear because of a man killing prostitutes. When down on her luck prostitute Rose (Shellie Chapman aka Tori Black) goes to a hotel to meet a man who seems like the perfect guy things soon change and she suspects he could be the killer ...or worse a Werewolf!

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prostitute,   hotel,   drugs,  

"Half Moon" tells the story of a city gripped with fear because of a man killing prostitutes. When down on her luck prostitute Rose (Shellie Chapman aka Tori Black) goes to a hotel to meet ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Half Moon torrent reviews

Robert J (mx) wrote: Solid acting, good action, modern-day cop buddy flick. Very violent. Have to be in the mood. Shaky cam made me loopy.

Jonathan B (br) wrote: A new Terence Davies ia ALWAY A MUST-SEE OCCASION!

Marcin W (nl) wrote: I was deeply disappointed by the direction the movie went. The ending of the first one was ambiguous and I sincerely thought that the church just interpreted a virus as a demonic possesion and thus tried to cure it. Nah, the devil did it. Not only is the movie's logic uterly ridiculous, but the way it tries to shove it down your throat is insufferable. Now, supposedly the whole world is threatened by a viral(?) demonic possesion, and only retrieving a blood sample of patient zero is the only way to stop it. Wow. As if the plot inconsistencies weren't enough, the way it's presented is cliched too. The jumpscares are entirely predictable and the sense of danger is almost completely gone. The zombies have obviously dubbed over sound effects that sticked out painfully and some of the characters are just straight up annoying. The night vision stuff was pretty creative though, so have an extra star

Dean M (jp) wrote: Fine, but shocking killer shark long TV movie in the tradition of Jaws. John Schneider and Daryl Hannah did a wonderful job with the material that they were given. And I thought that Armand Assante did a great job as the bad guy in the movie, F. Murray Abraham didn't have enough screen time in this. There's a frequent amount of attacks is really great, giving it a lot of action that certainly works. But the last flaw in here is the terrible CGI for the sharks. They abandon the few relatively decent-looking real sharks in here to go for a constant series of incredibly badly done and fake-looking CGI sharks, which has nothing to do at all with being realistic, is easily spotted in the sequences for doing so and just makes the film look even cheaper.

Katrina H (ca) wrote: I dont know if it was suposed to be but I found it hilarious! I really liked it.

Jose Luis M (br) wrote: Fallida pelicula sobre las opiniones del sr Redford sobre la guerra de su pais , por momentos llega a aburrir.

Guido S (ca) wrote: Steven Seagal is a cop who gets sent to a tough district because he is too uncontrollable. He ends up discovering a major crime ring and attempts to stop it. COuld have been better, but doesn't really do anything memorable or interesting. A lot of by the numbers stuff. There was a ton of these movies in the early naughts of Hip Hop stars coming into urban crime movies, most of them were terrible, DMX did not disappoint in that matter.

Julia L (ag) wrote: I thought I would watch this in honor of the Party Monster's recent release from prison, but I am 10 minutes in and I can assure you this is one of the worst movies I've ever watched. The acting is extremely terrible - MacCaully Culkin just should have quit acting after Home Alone. They could have went in so many directions for the film but they chose the worst possible direction.

Glenn C (br) wrote: Office Killer was critically panned when released in the late 90s. I liked it though, and it has since earned itself a cult status. It's a great little black comedy about the geeky, introverted and ignored office worker who flips out and starts randomly killing the people around her. While the movie is riddled with cliches it is nevertheless a fun, pulpy movie, intentionally melodramatic and well performed. It was written by Tom Kalin who directed the brilliant art house serial killer film, Swoon. Carol Kane is always great on screen, offering a quirky and eccentric serial killer, reminiscent of everyone's favourite Milton (have you seen my stapler?).

Norman G (es) wrote: ... reminds me of my life a lil bit ...

Aaron W (au) wrote: I didn't really know what to expect from this one at first. With the typical French internal monologue narration thing going on throughout the whole film from several different characters, it starts rolling like most french sexual obsession films. A guy named Pin-Pon becomes fixated on the new hot thing in the town Elle; she oozes sexuality and it's all directed towards Pin-Pon, who's dissaproving mother and deaf aunt watch from the sidelines as the two of them quickly become engaged and married. It soon becomes apparent however that Elle has secrets and is motivated by a dark past. She's out for revenge for the rape of her mother, and she's cooked up a very complex plan to exact it. Now at this point it seems to be a fairly clear cut rape/revenge story like Lady Snowblood, but I'll just say that as this tale comes to a close there are a few twists that caught me by surprise and earned the film a few bonus points.Isabelle Adjani is nothing short of one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in the world and her performance as Elle in this is absolutely perfect. She's sweet, maniacal, tragic and seductive all at the same time.Unfortunately, this is a very hard film to find, but if you ever have a chance to see it I recommend that you do so. I loved it even with my crappy 700 MB rip with gray background subtitles.

Ilja S (de) wrote: Star Trek: The Motion picture is not bad, but it is overly boring. It failed in delivering a loveable and believeable Star Trek movie, and it wastes way too much time with simple screen-watching, which makes even less sense when you realize the movie is over 2h long.

rosemary t (de) wrote: Great movie! I love Steve McQueen and Natalie Wood, and the combination couldn't be a better fit! if you are a fan of either actor, you have to see this.

Arion U (fr) wrote: I watched Ginger Snaps on YouTube, despite the bad resolution I could enjoy it anyway. Ginger Snaps is for me the 3rd best Werewolf-Movie.The Effects, the Story, the actors worked just fine.I rate this movie for 4 and half starsThis movie is for the horror-fans very recommendable

K J E (nl) wrote: This is an older film and I believe the book unfolds much better than the film. This is a true story about a senseless execution by petty criminals. This film will make you angry. Your anger will be directed at our justice system. This movie shows you just how the victims are often treated as though they were the criminal. Chilling... James Woods plays the psychotic killer to perfection.

Ryan B (gb) wrote: Maggie Gyllenhall delivers one of the most fragile yet gritty performances I've ever seen. The entire film rests of her ability to be able to either endear her character to the audience or let the somewhat flimsy story weigh her down. What Maggie Gyllenhaal is able to do is run the emotional gamut in such a way that the audience can't take its eyes off from her. She deftly balances redemption with the ubiquitous gloom that has been her life up until the final scene.