Half of Oscar

Half of Oscar

A pair of siblings are reunited after the death of their grandfather.

A pair of siblings are reunited after the death of their grandfather. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Half of Oscar torrent reviews

Suryadeep B (us) wrote: The perfect road movie!

Jennie N (ru) wrote: I love Danny Dyer but this NO utter rubbish

Garrett C (jp) wrote: The Orphanage may not be an entirely singular film since it draws heavily on works that have come before it (The Turn of the Screw, Peter Pan, The Innocents and anything like it), but its dramatic touch gives it something special that is appreciated in addition to its ability to create suspense.

meagan b (jp) wrote: i want 2 c this movie so bad

samuel s (au) wrote: A melodic study on a surreal relationship shared with a father and his son. Both share similar confusions and confide in eachother in an almost sensual way. The first scene reveals an ambiguous image in which the audience must decide what is taking place. An impressive film.

Daniel M (au) wrote: Stuart's adventures with his equally charismatic flying partner are as engaging as the glowing heart that shows throughout the film, disregarding the actors who do not give their full energy here, but does not matter since it is about the cute little mouse saving the day.

bill s (gb) wrote: Coming of age dreamers dream type movie that uplifts the spirits.

Linda L (gb) wrote: Aaaw! Lassgrd is great!

George Majchrak Raconteur (us) wrote: This is one of the best film adaptions of a book.

Matt D (ru) wrote: As great as it is to watch Nicholson as Jack Gittes again this particular film just isn't the right vehicle for it. The plot is confusing and often unclear and meandering with a key twist that just about everyone should see coming from a mile away. I love Robert Towne's sharply written voiceover speeches for Gittes but mostly this is a misfire that pales to the brilliant 'Chinatown'.

Alex K (mx) wrote: My Favorite Horror Film Is 1973's The Exorcist.

Laura A (es) wrote: depressing with a capital D...